2020—new year brings challenges and opportunities

Welcome to the first Truckpower newsletter of the year and decade. It’s been a pretty tumultuous start to the year, but the demonstrations of community support and individual sacrifice certainly help to lift the spirits.

As the summer months continue, our thoughts are with everyone affected by the fires and drought, and our best wishes go out to all of those who are determined to make a difference.

Significant potential of global agreements

Isuzu Motors Limited has recently announced new global initiatives in partnership with key commercial vehicle and automotive companies. The ventures point to the comprehensive approach Isuzu is taking regarding future opportunities and technology platforms that will deliver the next generation of road transport solutions.

Isuzu and Volvo Group alliance

The recent announcement of the establishment of a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding with the intent to form a strategic alliance within commercial vehicles between Isuzu Motors Limited (Japan) and the Volvo Group has been welcomed by (IAL).

The alliance is designed to harness the strengths of both companies in addressing and responding to the vast array of opportunities presented by the ongoing transformation of the commercial vehicle industry.

“We understand that this alliance involves a global technology partnership, the transfer of ownership of the UD Truck business and the exploration of other collaboration opportunities,” commented IAL Director and Chief Operating Officer, Mr Andrew Harbison.

“The potential of this tie-up for the global commercial vehicle landscape is significant,” he said.

“In Australia, our customers benefit from the deep understanding of the road transport industry and comprehensive product strategy of our parent company, Isuzu Motors Limited.

“We then tailor this for the local conditions and our long-term leadership of Australian truck market is an endorsement of this customer-focused approach.”

View the Isuzu Motors Limited statement here.

Isuzu and Honda R&D joint research on fuel cell powertrain

In addition to the Isuzu–Volvo global agreement, Isuzu Motors Limited has also recently signed an agreement with Honda R&D to jointly undertake research on heavy trucks using a fuel cell powertrain.

This recent research partnership with Honda R&D is the latest in Isuzu’s ongoing research and development efforts towards sustainable and cleaner powertrains, and is representative of the wider transport industry discussions and action on sustainable tech that are taking place.

View the Isuzu Motors Limited statement on the Honda R&D partnership here.