With Christmas just around the corner, the old chestnut arises: what do you get for someone who has everything?

The answer is less complicated than you might think. Isuzu Trucks’ official merchandise range is so extensive, you’ll not only find something they like, you might walk away finding you’ve filled your own stocking as well.

Looking to polish up and impress the out-laws over the silly season? Try the range of men’s ‘Van Heusen’ Shirts or smart Polo shirts, cufflinks, high quality silver trimmed parker pens or an Isuzu Tough Traveller case.

But just because we’re heading into summer, that doesn’t mean you can’t snap up a winter bargain. Our range of premium jackets equipped with neck warmers, reversible vests, beanies, sports caps, stainless steel thermoses or drivers’ mugs are great gifts that look good, but won’t break the bank.

Most importantly, quality is always assured. Isuzu has a reputation for excellence that extends across all facets of the range. From a truck to a stubby holder, if it’s Isuzu, it’s built to last.

Summer loving

Desperate for a relaxing round of golf this summer? Your swing might need some work, but you’ll shine like a diamond in the rough with an Isuzu golf cooler bag combo, equipped with sunscreen, pitch repairer and golf balls.

Isuzu’s golfing range doesn’t end there. Treat yourself – Michael Jackson style – to a stylish Callaway golf glove. And while you’re at it, protect your new fairway wood with an Isuzu club-head cover or, for wetter moments, take shelter with our big golf umbrella.

Prefer a bat to a club? Think you can still deliver some handy medium pacers? Then try an Isuzu cricket set instead!

Christmas time is not complete without some noisy scamps running about the place and Isuzu have got you covered with our range of plush toys, dump trucks, cement mixers or highly detailed scale model replicas. They’ll make a fun addition to any home study or office.

Let’s be practical

Summer’s almost here, and if 2017 felt like the year that would never end, there’s nothing better than indulging yourself in those classic Aussie pleasures: beaches, beats and barbeques.

Isuzu knows what summer’s about, and has an entire range of quality cooler bags and cooler bag stools, stubby skins, stainless steel barbeque sets, beach towels and even Bluetooth speakers.

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) National Parts Manager, John Plunkett, said the quality of Isuzu’s merchandise reflects the brand.

“The Isuzu logo is synonymous with quality and reliability, so customers can rest assured that if they’re buying Isuzu merchandise, they’re buying quality manufacturing that meets IAL’s high standards,” Mr. Plunkett said.

So if you’ve been dreading the Christmas shopping, we’ve got the answer? Skip the shopping centres, queues and tantrums and visit the Isuzu eBay store or contact your local Isuzu Trucks Dealer today.