Truck of the Year

October 2019 Truck Of The Year Entrants

As the end of the year creeps up on us and we hurtle towards the end of this year’s Truck of the Year competition, there is a massive turnout for October as everyone sets their eye on the grand prize—a $6,000 Visa cash card.

Each monthly winner from 2019 goes into the draw for the spectacular grand prize, as well as going into the running to win the Series category prize. The Series prizes will see a winning monthly truck crowned as the champion in each of Isuzu Trucks’ truck range categories; each Series winner stands to receive a $1,000 Visa cash card. Full terms and conditions here (see Truck of the Year Competition section).

A big thank you to this month’s entrants, and a hearty congratulations to Martin Cordina from Powered Innovations Pty Ltd who is the October winner with their NPR 65-190!

Martin will receive $300 worth of Isuzu Trucks merchandise and go into the running for the grand prize.

If you want to get your truck into the competition for 2020 with an early start, submit your Isuzu truck today!


Powered Innovations’ NPR 65-190 works as their mobile repair platform to carry their vast array of electrical and mechanical equipment. According to Powered’s Martin Cordina, their Isuzu truck has high carrying and towing capacity, is easily manoeuvrable, providing easier access to more streets and worksites… and yet is fuel efficient. Martin also absolutely loves the excellent visibility through the front windscreen, as well as the spacious cab.



Mark Tozer is no stranger to Isuzu competitions—he just recently won the Ready-to-Work Truck Giveaway Competition, walking away with a brand new NLR 45-150 Servicepack X. Mark loves his Servicepack X, as it not only gets him from job to job smoothly and easily, but also provides a mobile billboard for his architectonics business with some brand new livery. His favourite part? “I love the size of the secure body on the back; it operates on a central locking system and when I lock the truck, I don’t have to worry about locking up the other compartments,” said Mark.



It’s a hunking mass of steel and it’s reliable. Ian Perkins owns this Isuzu truck, which he affectionately calls ‘this old thing’. The truck has certainly been places—it’s been driven all over Western Australia and has never let him down. Fitted with a 600-hp, high-pressure water pump, this truck helps Ian get work done for companies such as Rio Tinto, BHP and others.



As a construction and maintenance company, Mark Stevens from Skyline often works far from home… and sometimes far up above home. With the nature of his work, he needs to be able to take all of the equipment and materials he could need, which his NLR 45-150 Traypack with automated manual transmission (AMT) easily handles. And according to Mark the NLR is not only a reliable workhorse, but it’s also easy to drive and good on fuel. Mark also says that the best part has to be the AMT, making it easy for him to have both the benefits of a manual transmission, and the ease of an auto.



Depending on how you use them, Isuzu’s trucks can save you time and hassle by doing two things at once! For Leigh Williams at Regional Waste CQ, his FYJ 300-350 works as both a vacuum tanker for liquid pump outs and a large hook truck for waste removal. But it’s not just the versatility of the truck that the team at Regional Waste CQ loves; they absolutely swear by the reliability that comes with it. Three in one!



Dazza’s NPR 55-155 with AMT is their sturdy steed. Having the truck helps them to safely deliver their goods straight to the customers in a timely manner; they move not only heavy-duty earthmoving parts, but also parts that require extra care.



Snappo Towing Service keeps snapping up Isuzu trucks. They already have three FRR 600s, and in the words of Snappo’s Shaun Knapton, “And we’ll keep buying them.” Why? “Because they’re tough and go anywhere. They are comfy to drive and have the power when you need it. We need versatility in our line of work and these trucks have what it takes.”


When Brooks Hire Service purchased their FVZ 260-300, they didn’t hesitate in putting it to work. After fitting the truck out with full mine spec capabilities—including an 8,000-litre diesel tank, 600-litre engine, hydraulic and transmission oil tanks, water tank, coolant tank, waste oil tank and 240-kilogram grease pod. Its first job was a 1,200-kilometre journey, which it completed without skipping a beat.



Brad O’Hara from Stowe Australia in New South Wales loves his Isuzu FY Series truck because not only does it have plenty of power, but Brad said it has “super smooth” auto transmission even when loaded to its maximum capacity and is a “pleasure to drive”.



This all-terrain NPS 75-155 4×4 is a beast, fitted with parabolic suspension, single wheels, locking differential and much, much more. According to Vanessa Campbell of All Terrain Warriors, this truck is your work mate during the week and your best mate on the weekends—ready to tackle any terrain you discover.



Out of this colourful line up of fire trucks, Roger Paine from Yankalilla Country Fire Service finds it hard to pick his favourite… but reckons it’d have to be the FTS 800 on the left which can carry 3,000 litres of water, as well as equipment and crew. The FTS performs great in tough terrain, and in the words of Roger, without the performance and reliability of Isuzu trucks, the CFS would not be able to do what they do—saving lives.



DJO Industries comes to you for all on-site welding and fabrication; this means they needed a truck for not only the best days, but also the worst of the worst conditions. Their Isuzu NPS 75-155 4×4 carries the team’s diesel welder and other equipment from site to site, moving from the rough conditions of a mine site to the traffic-heavy roads of the suburbs.