Truck of the Year

October: 2018 Truck Of The Year Entrants

Temperatures are definitely soaring, which isn’t surprising, especially with only a couple of months to go till the red-hot grand finale of Isuzu’s Truck of the Year competition.

Congratulations to this month’s winner, Power’s Country Express Bendigo, picking up $300 worth of Isuzu merchandise.

Our monthly winners will be in running for the end of the year Grand Prize—a $6,000 Visa cash card. So what are you waiting for? Enter your Isuzu today!

Carl Virtue

For Carl Virtue, his Isuzu FRR 500 is his home on wheels—and to him, “Isuzu is the only one to choose.” For Carl, whose work includes driving big coaches, his trusty motorhome furnished with the right bells and whistles is always parked close by so that he never has to feel homesick. Now, that’s what we’d call a perfect home away from home!

Power’s Country Express Bendigo

According to Damien Power of Power’s Country Express Bendigo, their Isuzu FRR 110-240 is not only brilliant to drive, but also provides the perfect wheels for the Bendigo Chinese Association to carry out their charity work. Their truck even led the processions at this year’s Easter celebrations at Bendigo. Damien shared, “Reliability is key, and the comfort and features provided in this truck make Isuzu our number one choice!”

Ostini Transport

Tough terrains are no challenge for Ostini Transport. In their daily operations managing urgent furniture deliveries, the business regularly sees not only tight city and suburban streets, but also rough, unsealed roads. How do they manage? With their versatile Isuzu FRR 110-260 (but of course). Reliable and comfortable, the vehicle is, in Jason’s own words, “the perfect truck” that effortlessly handles challenging roads.

Jenkin’s Fisheries

A busy commercial fisher, Jenkins Fisheries trusts their Isuzu NNR 45-150 for all their time-sensitive deliveries. Their truck has continued to maintain the business’s reputation for supplying the freshest produce to Melbourne’s wholesale seafood markets. And when it’s not managing deliveries, it doubles up as comfortable sleeping cabin. Reliable and comfortable, business owner Peter Jenkins sums it up—“The truck is just terrific.”