Truck of the Year

November: 2018 Truck Of The Year Entrants

The 2018 Truck of the Year competition has been nothing short of phenomenal with the best trucks and their stories showcased every month.

With the grand prize winner soon to be announced in the upcoming December issue of Truckpower magazine, we wish all entrants the very best of luck! The grand prize winner will walk away with not only trucking glory, but also a $6,000 Visa gift card.

But first things first—congratulations to this month’s winner, Hobart Truck Spares, picking up $300 worth of Isuzu merchandise.

Want to share your truck with us and stand to win? Enter your Isuzu today!

Hobart Truck Spares

The towing experts at Hobart Truck Spares started their Isuzu journey in 2000 when they bought an Isuzu FVR 900. Since then, the company has acquired four more Isuzu trucks, an FVD 1000 long tilt tray, an FYJ 2000, an FRR 110-240 tilt tray and, most recently, an FSD 140-260 tilt tray. And the team is really happy about Isuzu’s reliability, which is a big factor given that the nature of their business hinges on minimal vehicle downtime. Clearly, their growing Isuzu fleet is indication of their trust in the brand.

Bairnsdale Specialty Foods

Bairnsdale Specialty Foods is thrilled to bits with their new truck, the Isuzu NPR 65-190. And according to owner Tony Ramsdell, the NPR has been nothing short of amazing. In his own words, “My truck gives me more space, more power, more comfort and more reliability… I love my new wheels!”

Willaroon Thoroughbreds

Transporting horses over long miles can be a daunting task. Especially if you’re not equipped with a reliable vehicle to make it through arduous journeys that could distress the beautiful animals. This is why Sally Watkins from Willaroon Thoroughbreds is glad they went with their first choice, the Isuzu FRD 110-260 LWB, to ensure that their animals are transported safely and comfortably. And to top it off, the truck has been reliable and comfortable to drive. As Sally explains, “Not only are we pleased with our purchase, but our Isuzu has met and exceeded all our expectations!”