Keeping It Real With Isuzu Genuine Parts

Isuzu’s popular Real Deals parts promotion is back again, offering customers generous savings on a broad range of genuine Isuzu products.

Isuzu’s Best Value Parts (BVP) range continues to impress, with owners of older model Isuzu trucks able to source an extensive range of high-quality parts at competitive prices.

Your brakes, our bond

Isuzu’s genuine BVP range is priced to compete effectively with aftermarket products; and Isuzu’s BVP brake shoe range is no exception.

Compatible across a swathe of N and F series models, Isuzu’s brake shoe range boasts bonded linings on disposable shoes, significantly reducing costs associated with servicing downtime when compared to brake shoes with traditional riveted linings.

With winter behind us and a hardworking summer on the horizon, now is as good a time as any to check and replace brake components to ensure safety and operational efficiencies into 2019.

The good oil

Isuzu’s own branded Diesel Injector Cleaner is a total treatment for diesel-powered trucks and cars. This product joins Isuzu’s line-up of engineered fluids and lubricants, specifically designed to complement Isuzu’s range of what some say are bulletproof engines.

The Isuzu Diesel Injector Cleaner can be used across mineral and biodiesel fuel blends, and works to abolish conventional nozzle deposits, as well as new internal diesel injector deposits.

The result is multifaceted, creating a raft of engine efficiencies, such as the following:

  • The process can restore lost power by removing harmful deposits.
  • Cold start problems can be eased in the colder months.
  • Clean injectors help to minimise harmful exhaust emissions.
  • Engine noise can be greatly reduced.

But first, get it right

The Isuzu Diesel Injector Cleaner is a preventative product, intended to minimise wear and tear and help diesel engines perform at their peak, but it works best when added to a full tank of premium diesel fuel.

The following pointers will help you ensure the Injector Cleaner is administered correctly, and get the very best from your Isuzu truck engine:

  • Only add Isuzu Diesel Injector Cleaner to a full tank of clean diesel.
  • Don’t go over the top. Only use the prescribed, recommended amount. Overuse can cause damage to the fuel system.
  • Use premium diesel products, if possible; this will reduce the need to apply cleaning products.

Capping off the current Real Deals campaign is some excellent value Christmas gifts from the toys and accessories range. From key rings to toy trucks and cricket sets, there’s something for everyone this festive season.

With these and plenty of other deals available, why wait to contact your local Isuzu Trucks dealer for further details? Alternatively, view the Real Deals brochure on the Isuzu Parts website.