Truck of the Year

July 2019 Truck Of The Year Entrants

We may be shivering here in the midst of winter, but the Isuzu Truck of the Year competition is just warming up.

We had an overwhelming number of entrants this July. Check out our massive list of entrants for July and our July monthly winner as we hurtle towards the grand prize announcement of Isuzu’s 2019 Truck of the Year.

This month’s winner, Extract or Blast, will receive $300 worth of Isuzu Trucks merchandise. Congratulations, Extract or Blast!

Just like Extract or Blast, all our monthly winners go into the running to claim the Truck of the Year Grand Prize—a tidy $6,000 visa cash card.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter your Isuzu today!


The team from Extract or Blast have a blast in their NPR 75-190 Traypack, which carries a state-of-the-art, high-pressure hot water cleaning unit, with a water tank and a waste tank for extractions. Joseph Miller is so proud of his truck with its bright blue livery that he never lets it stay dirty for long, which is highly impressive for a truck involved in such messy work. You can tell they’re proud of their truck—“We always have and always will be Isuzu supporters.”

This shiny NPR 45-155 Tradepack with a genuine Isuzu bullbar isn’t floating on a cloud—it’s fog from the liquid nitrogen in two 330-litre tanks that Cattle Breeding Services transport to cattle producers and doctors to use in their bovine semen storage tanks. The truck is a silver beast that delivers from southeast Queensland to North Burnett with ease. This NPR sure is one cool moo-tility wagon.


Daring dark blue lining, a bright and central logo, and a perfect side profile shot with a stunning backdrop—this NLR 45-150 knows how to look good without trying. But you shouldn’t focus exclusively on the interior because this belle is a beast under the bonnet, working hard for D&G Building Group day in and day out.


If this FRR 107-210 Tipper is McMahon Earth Solutions’s “little truck”, you’d have to wonder what their big trucks look like! Despite being the little guy in the local quarry, this FRR has plenty of grunt and massive payload, mixing in perfectly with the big guys. Being able to cart a four-tonne Cat excavator and still look good doing it, the FRR is owner Matt McMahon’s favourite—“It’s an all-round winner with a big heart!”


Princes Laundry Services is there to help shoulder the dreaded laundry load. The FSR 140-260 supporting the business is strong enough to carry a giant load of laundry, which is what Princes needs with clients like hospitals and hotels. And to add to the raw strength, the truck’s auto transmission and comfortable interior will make any driver feel like royalty.


We all wish for things—a million dollars, a new car, a new house. For Daniel Cameron of DC Constructions NQ, he wishes he made the upgrade to Isuzu years ago. According to Daniel, the NPR 45-155 Tradepack is like having “three ute trays behind you”, but better. The NPR has a great towing ability and the power to put long lengths on the roof rack. And with the genuine Isuzu bullbar in front, you can safely say Daniel is a full-blown Isuzu-head now.


They say that any publicity is good publicity, but sometimes it’s great to be exceptionally reasonable. For Bill Canfield from Canfield Plumbing Co, his reasonably sized plumbing business in Queensland required an equally reasonable truck. Enter the NLR 45-150 Traypack SWB with a tray spacious enough for all their tools and equipment, good power for the job and a reasonable price tag to match. Bill says, “We will definitely follow through on future purchases!”


This matte black beauty is everything you want in a truck. This FRR 107-210 Tipper is small enough for residential driveways, strong enough with a payload of over 5.5 tonnes, big enough to fit multiple jobs in one load, and powerful enough to keep up with traffic—everything Icon needs to get their day going.


As you can tell from the photo for Grounds Maintenance Australia, the team is everything. And part of their team are three Isuzu trucks—two NLR 45-150 Tippers and an NPR 65-190 Tipper. Named the “Mosquito Fleet”, these all-round trucks do everything from carting stone to servicing and towing a sweeper. Stephen Marett loves the large cab layout that provides great vision out of the truck.


Ray Jeffery is proud of his new purpose-built cattle trailer, but not as proud as he is of his CXY 240-460. This monster truck can pull with ease two full trailers of cattle. To top it all off, he has fitted a genuine Isuzu bullbar, perfect for the outback, and mounted off-road lights to help him find his way.


Revolution Wood Panels stands out, especially when their trucks reflect their bright and yet professional persona. Their shiny Isuzu FXD 1000 and FXL 240-350, however, aren’t just great to look at. Revolution’s take on the trucks? “What makes our Isuzu trucks awesome is all-round performance, superior power and fuel efficiency, significantly better servicing intervals than other brands, along with premium driver comfort supporting us in fatigue management and safety.”


What’s better than a truck that has the perfect power and size to support your business needs? A dog in the passenger seat of a truck that has it. Calvert Constructions, their dog and their NPR 75-190 Tipper do everything together, including clearing construction rubbish, picking up materials from the hardware shop daily and towing the large trailer around.


Joel Campbell from Campbell Drilling doesn’t leave home without his phone, wallet, keys and his NPS 75-155. Quite literally, the NPS is nimble enough but with enough torque that it can go anywhere with the massive drill on board—even to the middle of nowhere. What a stunner.


Usain Bolt can run at a speed of 44.72 km/h, but this NPR 45-155 can run faster and smoother—we can promise you that. This reliable steed is the truck of choice for Loyalty Transport; it’s always on time, has never broken down and is always smooth due to the excellent air-suspended seats.


These two Isuzu trucks, NPS 75-155 4×4 and NPS 75-155 AMT, work for Chubb. Picture lean, mean, working machines taking care of business. With an air compressor, 1,000-litre water tank with a diaphragm pump and retractable hoses, nitrogen carrier and ample storage space remaining, these two trucks are perfectly kitted out for the job and look great doing it.


Sometimes in an Isuzu truck, you can forget you are driving a truck when it feels like driving a luxury car. For the guys at Greenwood, they sometimes forget they’re not driving a truck with heavy loads. With driving their NPR 45-155 Tipper, they even check to make sure the weighty excavator is still on the back! The spacious cab that can easily fit three full-grown men will make you think you’re in a limousine, and the price will make you think, “Let’s get another one!”