Truck of the Year


Winter wears on and its especially frosty in our southern states, but the Isuzu Truck of the Year competition remains a hot to trot.

We take a look at our entrants for July as we steel ourselves for the run home toward the prize and of course, ultimate bragging rights as the 2018 Isuzu Truck of the Year grand prize winner.

This month’s winner, picking up $300 worth of Isuzu merchandise, is ARRIGONI AUTOMOTIVE & PERFORMANCE. All monthly winners of course go into the running to win the end of year Grand Prize – a $6,000 visa cash card. So, don’t wait, enter your Isuzu today!


It may be at the smaller end of Isuzu’s line-up, but according to Matthew Arrigoni of Arrigoni Automotive and Performance, his NLR 45-150 Servicepack has ‘big load carrying capacity.’ Providing a well-respected automotive repair service means delivering on top quality customer service as well as looking the part, and Matthew’s Perth based Servicepack with custom-designed wrapping certainly achieves that.


‘Anywhere, anytime’ – that’s the catchcry of Sydney-based Sand4U building and landscape supplies. It’s a description that could also be applied to owner, Andrew Samperi’s beautifully presented FYJ 300-350, which has been stacked with all the goodies, including aluminium tray, Palfinger crane and Alcoa wheels. Aside from the ‘excellent visibility and fuel economy,’ Andrew describes the popular F Series truck as a ‘great asset to our growing business.’


When the service station attendants are describing your NPR 45-155 Traypack as ‘sexy’ when you go to fill up, you know you’ve done something right. That’s exactly what Phil Koch encounters when getting around in what he describes as his ‘reliable, comfortable and versatile’ Isuzu Traypack from Isuzu’s Ready to Work range of N Series trucks. Supporting his excavation business in northern Queensland has been made even easier with his recent purchase, and he couldn’t be happier with the result.


You know a truck driver has genuine affection for their rig when they lovingly apply a gender to it. In the case of Jason Havnik’s immaculate Speedie Waste FYJ 2000, it’s a ‘she,’ and her name is ‘Suzie.’ Suzie makes ‘life easier’ for Jason, and despite the rigours of the waste and refuse application, she’s a ‘dream to drive’ on all road types. Her cabin and sleeper even double as an adventure playground for the kids on weekends. Jason says, ‘well done Isuzu on such an awesome vehicle.’


Operating in one of Australia’s most extreme climates is not for everyone, but someone has to make sure the punters are fed in places like the Thredbo Ski Village in the NSW snowfields. To ensure he seldom misses a delivery, Glen Ralston got a hold of an NQR 87/8O-190 and hasn’t looked back. He describes the NQR as a, “great truck to get around in the tight streets of Thredbo Village, with plenty of power, ease of operation and driver comfort like excellent climate control!”


When it came time to get serious about their business, CHC Hire put the utility to pasture and got a hold of a go-anywhere NLS 45-150 All-Wheel Drive (AWD). As many ute owners do, Alex Franzinelli, encountered overloading problems as his business expanded and discovered the ultimate solution in one of Isuzu’s most popular all-rounders. An avid angler, Alex even snuck off to his favourite surf fishing spot in the new truck, describing its off-road qualities and extremely ‘underrated.’