Isuzu Parts: A Support Network You Can Count On

If we want to get down to brass tacks, the real test of a truck is what it can deliver to your business. And when you leave the dealership with your new truck, you want to test its mettle out in the field. After all, that’s what trucks are built for.

But one thing new owners don’t always give due consideration to is aftersales support.

Whether it’s in the form of an extensive warranty, or quick order deliveries, this kind of support is one of the factors that, in the long haul, will keep your new workhorse on the road and out of the stables.

Unparalleled range

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) offers comprehensive support for much more than just the wide-ranging Isuzu model line-up. Isuzu Parts also stocks a huge range of parts to suit other truck and trailer makes and models – offering everything from brakes to mirrors – and only distributes the best parts in the business.

Isuzu Parts staff have been specifically trained to offer a high level of aftersales support for a broad range of makes and models.

But it’s not just about your truck’s staple ingredients. IAL also provides a wide range of parts and accessories to take your rig up a notch.

IAL’s distribution model promptly and efficiently supplies Lighting, Mirrors, Lubricants and Batteries through the national dealer network. Combined with the industry nous of your local Isuzu dealership, it’s a winning combination.

Industry leading expertise

As the market leader, Isuzu never settles for a second-rate solution.

Isuzu customers expect excellent handling and driver comfort, responsive braking and smooth shifting transmissions and with this in mind, Isuzu has formed close relationships with the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Genuine North American parts have a great reputation among truckies, and companies such as Meritor, Eaton, Hendrickson and Allison have carefully developed and refined their products over decades to suit a range of trucking applications.

When it comes to aftersales support, no part is too big or small for Isuzu Parts staff. Isuzu’s partnerships with other leading manufacturers have been built over years of mutual cooperation, all designed to give the customer the best possible deal.

With an all-star cast of truck parts and accessories, Isuzu Parts is perfectly positioned to support you and your truck throughout the entire ownership experience – not just until you’re out the dealership door.

IAL National Parts Manager, John Plunkett, said Isuzu Parts puts a strong focus on comprehensively supporting its customers’ aftersales needs.

“IAL is renowned within the trucking industry for our aftersales support,” Mr Plunkett said.

“Our willingness to invest in our Parts and Care departments is one of the factors that separates us from our competition.

“Our commitment to only provide the highest quality trucks is another. It’s evident in our partnerships with the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturers, like Meritor, Eaton and Allison.

“At Isuzu Parts, we realise that a truck is going to perform at its optimum efficiency and for longer if it’s properly supported. That’s why we have one of the most comprehensive parts supplies in Australia.”

Please contact your Isuzu Trucks Dealer for further information.