Isuzu News October 2018

Isuzu Trucks Recall Information portal

In a proactive move to further support customer and vehicle safety, Isuzu Trucks has launched their Recall Information Portal on their website, helping truck owners easily identify whether their vehicle has an outstanding recall.

Customers can retrieve recall information by simply entering their Vehicle Identification Number, which is followed by an action plan to resolve the recall (if any).

The new recall information initiative is an additional measure set to grease the wheels of their current customer notification process to ensure product safety.

“The Recall Information Portal is a great tool for ensuring transparency and customer safety and offers us yet another opportunity to better assist them,” IAL National Service Manager, Mr Bill Holland said.

“It’s especially convenient for those with second hand Isuzu vehicles, allowing them to easily access information to their specific vehicle models.”

New N Series range shines

It was a great start to October with the N Series media drive program, which saw the unveiling of the latest, updated N Series models, such as the NPS 75/45-155 AMT 4×4 (single cab and crew), NPR 75-190 AMT MLWB and NQR 90/80-190 AMT MLWB.

Held in Victoria, journalists flew in from all over the country to attend the drive, which gave them the opportunity to get up close and personal with the new trucks, letting them take to the driver’s seat to personally test the trucks out.

The new N Series models emphasise Isuzu’s continuing customer-oriented focus, with features such as independent front suspension, automated manual transmission and an integrated audio-visual system.

Drawing near to 30 consecutive years of market leadership, Isuzu Trucks’ vision of developing innovative, customer-focused solutions continues to remain its utmost priority, as evident in the launch of the new N Series.

Isuzu Engines power up at Henty and Elmore Field Days

Isuzu Engines recently wrapped up their busy tour of field days with successful stops at Henty Machinery Field Day and Elmore Field Day.

Both field days represented a great opportunity to showcase their power-packed line-up, which included the Made to Stock range of power units, as well as quality accessories such as the highly rated cooling packages suitable for all kinds of irrigation applications.

Isuzu Engines Sales Manager, Rod Best, said that the team was happy to have garnered positive responses.

“The field days have been great because we’ve been able to answer questions about our range that come directly from customers who are keen to learn more about them.

“This year, we’ve focused on the development of really robust, locally developed components that can withstand challenging environments. We’ve also worked hard to enhance efficiencies, and our current product range reflects that,” Mr Best said.