Can your workhorse run laps around the opposition, yet still look like it could use a facelift? It’s a struggle many truck owners face.

After a lifetime of service, your truck’s running as reliably as ever, but looking like it’s seen some tough times. You’re a bit wary about how your trusty old rig is representing your business, and you’re desperate for that new truck feel.

So how do you make your truck feel new, without actually buying a new truck?

Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL) genuine, high-quality range of accessories is the perfect way to spruce up your truck on a budget, and can be fantastic for your resale value.

Starting with the place you park yourself all day, Isuzu’s range of seat covers includes super tough heavy-duty canvas seat protection made for the hardest conditions, through to water resistant, 100% cotton commercial grade canvas seat covers with foam backing for extra comfort.

These are easy to clean, long-lasting and provide a classic look.

Sticking with the cab for a minute, Isuzu also stocks vacuum-friendly carpeted floor mats, as well as hardy rubber floor mats that you can remove and clean completely with a hose.

Genuine Isuzu branded dash mats are another addition that can cover up a tired looking dashboard – sprucing up your cab interior and minimising distracting sun glare.

On the outside, a daytime running light kit, chrome grille or wheel simulator kit provides eye-catching livery that can transform the look of your truck. But the pièce de résistance is a genuine airbag-compatible Isuzu bullbar.

A genuine manufacturer bullbar is a show-stopper for any proud Isuzu owner, and can simultaneously add style and safety to your truck. Isuzu bullbars are Australian made with precision robotic welding, so you can be sure they’re built to last.

Of course, once you have your truck looking ten years younger, it’s important to preserve all your hard work.

Finishing touches like Isuzu mudflaps can prevent mud and debris from damaging your truck, while weathershields protect your windows from rain and dust.

Isuzu Parts even stocks a high-quality windscreen cleaning additive to keep your view of the road – and your customers’ view of your spruced-up interior – as clear as the day you bought the truck.

IAL National Parts Manager, John Plunkett, said genuine Isuzu accessories are a perfect way to refresh an older Isuzu truck.

“Trucks are all about functionality, but our huge range of accessories can offer some much-appreciated style as well,” Mr Plunkett said.

“As with all Isuzu Parts, there’s substance behind the style. Our floor mats are robustly designed to handle the muddiest work boots, yet still clean easily at the end of the day.

“Likewise, an Isuzu bullbar looks fantastic, is airbag-compatible, offers a crucial safety advantage and has a low tare weight so you don’t have to sacrifice your truck’s load carrying capability.”

All these accessories and more, plus the all-important advice to keep your trucks in top running condition are available from Australia’s most professional truck dealers, the Isuzu Dealer Network.

Please contact your Isuzu Trucks Dealer for further information.