From Little Things Big Things Grow

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) understands that road transport challenges are many and varied. With that in mind, Isuzu has developed a genuine parts range that responds directly to the needs of modern operators.

From tyre pressure to sensor kits, IAL provides some very nifty, but sometimes forgotten road transport solutions from our Parts range – to make life easier out there on the road.

Pressure monitoring

Ensuring your vehicles are roadworthy remains an essential practice, whether you’re an owner-driver operation or managing a fleet of fifty or more.

Isuzu tyre pressure monitoring systems are a great way to save time on routine tyre checks by allowing precise, real-time monitoring of your truck’s tyre pressure, and they’re available to purchase in four or six sensor packages.


When it comes to taking the stress out of your daily drive – whether it’s avoiding the youngster’s bike in the driveway – or that loading bay bollard that’s previously attacked your paint job, a genuine Isuzu reversing camera is another modern must-have.


Parking sensor kits are another safety solution on offer. Isuzu Parts stock high and low-mount parking sensor kits for any just about any kind of truck body, allowing you to reverse with precision and peace of mind.


What did we do before Satellite Navigation and a computerised voice giving us direction from our dashboard? Well, we thumbed through coffee-stained directories with missing pages of course and took our fair share of wrong turns along the way.

Isuzu’s Satellite Navigation synchronises with the Digital Audio-Visual Entertainment (DAVE) unit and comes with three free years of map updates. With smart and precise, real-time truck-centric directions, come fuel savings and reduced downtime.


Another useful way of slashing your truck’s fuel bill is improving its aerodynamics. An Isuzu air deflector kit increases vehicle efficiency, supports stability and reduces engine stress and wind noise. For those on our highways and byways every day, these small efficiencies can multiply rapidly across a 12-month period.


IAL’s National Parts Manager, John Plunkett, said Isuzu Parts’ range of accessories is extensive and covers a vast range of requirements.

“Isuzu carefully designs and manufactures our parts and accessories, at every level, to make the lives of our customers as painless as possible,” Mr Plunkett said.

“Drivers face a lot of challenges, so it’s our job to share the load and provide cost-effective solutions to modern transport problems.

“Whether it’s a reversing camera or highly technical items, Isuzu Parts offers quicker, easier and more reliable ways of getting the job done.”

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