With 29 consecutive years as the Australian truck market leader, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) is extremely proud to be a key supporter of the inaugural 2018 Megatrans event.

Isuzu Trucks is excited to showcase not only its extensive product range at Megatrans, but also its sophisticated approach to aftersales support and broader transport solutions.

On stand

The Isuzu Trucks stand at Megatrans showcases the foundations of the company’s long-term success – a proven cross-section of models with the right mix of performance and reliability supported by products from its market-leading aftersales service, Isuzu Care.

Tailored to perform in the exacting conditions that are daily life in the Australian road transport industry, there is an Isuzu model suited to almost every application.

With a mix of the new and some tried and true favourites, there’s something for everyone including a preview of some exciting new models currently under evaluation.

The vanguard of Isuzu’s top-selling N Series range, the pre-bodied Ready to Work line-up, will have strong representation on the stand and will set the scene for conference-goers.

The Ready to Work range has proved immensely popular within the light-duty truck market segment and is finding welcome homes in a range of applications across a vast array of trade, special purpose emergency applications and field service to name but a few.

Isuzu Trucks is extremely excited to be previewing some exciting new product at the 2018 MegaTrans event including a brand new addition to Isuzu’s popular Ready to Work pre-bodied range.

More than just a truck

Outstanding product aside, Isuzu’s unprecedented success in the Australian market has radiated from a steadfast focus on building genuine partnerships with Australian truck customers.

Every one of Isuzu’s 67 dealership sites (including branches), across this great country are invested in actively providing informed solutions and efficiencies for all manner of Australian businesses.

Whether an operation is solely reliant on road transport, or considers it a means to a greater end, Isuzu Trucks is committed to delving deeper to find a solution, solve a problem or simply ensure the wheels keep turning.

With its market leading Isuzu Care suite of aftersales products and services, the company caters to the myriad of needs that customers have in support of their transport operations and their Isuzu trucks.