Truck of the Year


Spring is finally here, and that means the grand finale of our Truck of the Year competition for 2021 is almost within sight. 

This month’s winner, picking up $300 worth of Isuzu Trucks merchandise, is Mick Bolt from Bolt Build and their NLR 45-150 Traypack with AMT. 

Like all our monthly winners, Bolt Build is now in the running for the Grand Prize—a $6,000 Visa cash card.  They also have the chance to win an additional $1,000 Visa cash card if they’re crowned King of the N, F, FX/FY or Giga Series. 

What are you waiting for? Enter your Isuzu online today! Click here to see the full terms and conditions of the competition.


 Mick Bolt from Victorian building and renovation specialists Bolt Build isn’t shy about singing praises for the NLR 45-150 Traypack with AMT, noting the truck’s practical features (including a 3,500 kg towing capacity and optional ladder racks) make his working life just a little more enjoyable.

“Without a doubt the best value truck on the road today,” Mick writes. “It’s easy to work from and makes me look the part!” 



With the NLR 55-150 Tri-Tipper backing operations, Mini Machines in Townsville can respond to any dirt or material emergency, laughs driver Brent Whelan.

But all jokes aside, the nimble Tri-Tipper can perform tricks in the most delicate of locations where access is limited, making it a versatile tool for the crew who offer project support such as trenching and earthworks in addition to their core hire business. 



The name says it all, and thankfully for A Cut Above the Rest Landscapes in Sydney, they won’t be let down on the equipment front with the NMR 60-150 with AMT.

With a GVM of 6,000 kg and a GCM of 9,500 kg, the NMR 60-150 makes light work of heavy loads, towing machinery and squeezing into just about any space for the thriving Sydney residential lanscaping business.

“Streets are tight here with parked cars everywhere,” says owner Luke Brennan.

“But the NMR really punches above its weight and nothing is a problem—towing my excavator, carrying all my tools or even pulling into Woolies for break and milk on the way home.” 


Going to work might feel like a chore to some, but for Luke Barber at Luke’s Local Freight, it’s a pleasure in the cab of the NQR 450 (NQR 87-190). 

Averaging over 600 kilometres per day around the Nambucca Valley in NSW, Luke trusts his truck to move goods and furniture with no fear of being let down—whether he’s driving in town, hitting the country roads or even bashing through a paddock to reach an out-of-the-way client. 


“It’s the second love of my life… after my wife,” Matt Popple carefully explains.

“I wash it every Sunday with a smile on my face, knowing that when I get back to work on Monday, I’ve got a cracker of a truck by my side!” 

Thanks Matt, for showing some serious appreciation for your very smart NPR 65-190 Crew with tray body! It’s pictured here on the job for the team of concrete experts at Fineform Concrete Constructions in NSW. 


Space is a premium working in the big smoke, which is why Sydney-based AMS Excavations have turned to an NPR 75-190 Tipper to help them reach their customers without any issues.

“I love the versatility and the smoothness of the drive,” Gene Smee compliments his smartly specified (and very smartly outfitted) Tipper. 


James Goodridge from Shire Care Plumbing shows us that you don’t need to think twice before taking the NLR Traypack just about anywhere—even a quick nip down to the shops.

For James, the Traypack delivers economy and efficiency for the plumbing application, with the added advantage of easy towing.

That’s comfortable days, brought to you by Isuzu! 



Proving that trucks are up for more than the daily grind comes this NPR 75-190 Crew, which the Peers family have chocked to the rafters with everything they could want for fun and adventure… and towing the caravan, too.

“Our truck takes our family of six travelling whererever we want to go! We love it!” cheers owner Shelley-Amber Peers.

Happy travels, Peers family! 


Proscribing to the theory that first impressions can make or break the business, Blake Stringer from South Australia’s BLS Building & Maintenance has gone for gold (well, silver in this case) with a premuim upgrade of the NPR 45-155 Tradepack

Aside from good looks, Blake says the Tradepack brings room for all tools required, while still having loads of space for building waste and materials. 



Is it a van? Is it a crane truck? It’s the NPR 65-190, pictured here with Brack Concrete Designs, featuring a half Pantech, half tray bed body… and a Hiab crane thrown on for good measure.

Under the stylish chrome, this NPR 65-190 has a GVM of 6,500 kg and GCM of 10,000 kg, making it a perfect match for heavier applications such as construction.

“It’s definitely one of a kind and it’s built tough, being one of the most reliable vehicles in our fleet,” explains Sam Brack.

“I’d recommend it to any company wanting a worry-free truck that’s easy to maintain.” 


Michael Hanson from Jacobi Constructions knows you can’t go wrong with a classic. And judging by the big grin here, he knows the Isuzu NKR will just keep on delivering until the cows come home.

“I can load this truck to the roof, and it will actually run better,” nods Michael.

“It’s saved us countless times by giving us the ability to deliver materials on site.” 



To transport materials, tools, staff and equipment, DJ Bourke Excavations in Tassie required a vehicle that could deliver on multiple fronts. Enter, one beefy NQR 87-190 Tipper, strikingly wrapped in the company colours.

With a cubic volume of 3.6 m³, a steel body with drop sides and an auto-release tailgate, owner Dylan Bourke thinks his truck is the bees knees and the best Tipper setup going around… and we’d have to agree. 

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