Truck of the Year


Proud Isuzu owners are continuing to flood our email inbox with praise for the workhorses they hold near and dear.

We’ve performed the difficult task of narrowing down a July shortlist from all the impressive entries, and here it is – a snapshot of some of the most loved trucks you’ll find on Aussie roads.

If you think your Isuzu deserves a run in the competition, you can visit between now and the end of November, attach a photo (at least 1MB in size) of your beautiful machine and fill out the webform.

From the monthly shortlists, two winners will each receive a $250 Isuzu merchandise pack of their choice and go into the running for the $6,000 grand prize for 2017.

Congratulations to Duell’s Removals and Ampere Electrical Pty Ltd on both being selected as the monthly winners for July 2017.

And no one leaves empty handed. Every single Truck of the Year entry* also receives an Isuzu mug.

Duell’s Removals – Monthly Winner

Hauling furniture around Australia is a tough task, but Jason Duell of Duell’s Removals says the company’s Isuzu FXD 1000 is a tough piece of hardware that the company is “happy to have in the fleet.”

Ampere Electrical Pty Ltd – Monthly Winner

South Australian electrician Paul Caruso has plenty of great things to say about his Isuzu NPR 275. He says it’s “easy to drive, has lots of torque for towing, and parks where no other vehicle can go.” But more importantly, Paul says it’s an Isuzu, which means it’s “built tough like no other.”

Dunn & Farrugia Pty Ltd

When it comes time for Dunn & Farrugia Pty Ltd to buy a new truck, they turn to Gilbert & Roach Isuzu’s Matt Clinton for outstanding service.

Their FYJ 2000 8×4, which they converted to a 10×4, is the 6th Isuzu they’ve bought from Matt, and Max Dunn is happy to report “they haven’t had a single incident” with any of them

Tim Brown

When Tim Brown needs to get around, he’s looking for any chance to pick his Isuzu NPR 45-155 Tradepack over his car. The truck just “goes and goes and goes.”

RDJ Tranz

RDJ Tranz hauls building materials and rear-mounted Hiab cranes up and down the Eastern seaboard. Ross James said that when you’re in trucks for long hauls, comfort is paramount.

Luckily for Ross and his colleagues, the company’s recently-acquired Isuzu FVD 165-300 boasts an air suspension driver’s seat that’s “number one” and a comfortable inner spring mattress.

Snappo Towing Service

Shaun Knapton of Snappo Towing Service has been driving Isuzus for nearly all of his truck driving life.

Shaun’s happy to report his Isuzu FRR 600 with extra-long wheelbase is another Isuzu that’s “hardy, reliable and can be trusted to perform its duties.”

Concreting & Carpentry

The reliability of his Isuzu NPR 45-155 Tradepack means Steve Simunovic of Concreting & Carpentry can spend his drive time focused on the job ahead.

That certainty, and the Tradepack’s maneuverability – which is vital on the smaller streets of Wagga Wagga, NSW – are just two of the reasons Steve loves his Isuzu.

Bidgee Pumps & Irrigation

Andrew Powell of Bidgee Pumps & Irrigation can rely on his Isuzu NPR 45/55-155 AMT Tradepack to carry everything he needs for a day’s work. Andrew says his trusty Isuzu is easy to drive and “does everything he needs it to.”


* Disclaimer: Prior to publishing, all Truck of the Year entries are appraised by Isuzu engineers to ensure any after-sale modifications meet warranty and safety standards. Vehicles that have included modifications which could affect safe operation and performance cannot be included.