Truck of the Year

May: 2020 Truck Of The Year Entrants

With the weather getting cooler and COVID-19 restrictions gradually easing, spirits are starting to lift. And over here at Isuzu’s Truck of the Year competition, all the truck entries have really lit up the month of May.

This month, we congratulate Executive Property Maintenance and their NPR 65-190 as the monthly winner for May 202, receiving $300 worth of Isuzu Trucks merchandise!

But besides winning Isuzu Trucks merchandise, all monthly winners also go in the running for the Truck of the Year Grand Prize—a tidy $6,000 Visa cash card.

That’s not all.

Monthly winners also have the opportunity to win an additional $1,000 Visa cash card, if crowned King of the N, F, FX/FY or Giga Series. Take a look at 2019’s winners!

So, what are you waiting for? Take a chance and enter your Isuzu today!

Click here to see the full terms and conditions of the competition.


Steve Salvesani from Executive Property Maintenace can attest to the versatility of the Isuzu product, with this sturdy NPR 65-190, fitted with a tipper body, suiting their garden and property maintenance business down to a T. “It drives like a comfortable car and is always reliable,” said Steve. Up for any task, the NPR assists the crew with the general garden care and is also roped into the heavier tree-lopping jobs—transporting their necessary machinery and carrying away the loads of logs.


An honourable mention goes to the custom-painted FRR 550 (FRR 110-260) from David Allen Express Transport! Reliability is everything in the newspaper game, notes David Allen. Running every night delivering papers and magazines to the Hunter Valley and regional areas, David has full confidence in the ability of his FRR to get the job done. Large enough to fit maximum loads, but still manoeuvrable enough for narrow city streets, this FRR 550 is 20 years old and going strong. “I’ve never had a single breakdown or component failure and there’s plenty of life still in it,” crowed David.


Jarrod Mohr Plumbing & Excavations bought their first Isuzu in 2005 and haven’t looked back, recently investing in a new Ready-to-Work (RTW) NPR 45-155 Tradepack with medium wheelbase and Isuzu’s automated manual transmission (AMT). Towing a mini-excavator, as well as all the necessary tools and equipment, the Tradepack helps them deliver plumbing services all over NSW and by the look of things, gets a regular run through the outback too! With nearly 14,000 km already clocked, Kara Mohr says the Tradepack’s fuel economy is outstanding and their only question is… which Isuzu model will they get next?


Garnet Electrical Services has a proud history delivering quality electrical services to commercial and industrial clients, including major events like the Melbourne Show and Grand Prix, and expect their NPR 200 Premium Tradepack (NPR 45-155 Tradepack) to uphold the good reputation. Carrying staff, tools and heavy gear like generators (while towing the requisite trailer), Tom Clark said their ever-reliable Tradepack “can do anything and everything, and always gets the job done no matter how big or small”.


The folks over at Bracelets on the Move give this NLR 45-150 with pantech body a big “thumbs up in every way”—and who could blame them? Sporting a 4,500 kg GVM and top safety features like Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC) and anti-skid regulator, this N series hero can be driven on a car licence and ensures the safe delivery of precious cargo every time.


Esky, check. Dog, check. Isuzu FVD 1000 (FVD 165-300), check. We know a proud driver when we see one, and Matt Graham from Royal Brinkman certainly fits the bill. With his woofer Angel along for the ride, Matt is in the business of making customers happy, delivering specialty horticulture transport equipment alongside his trusty FVD. “It runs like a dream, my Isuzu truck makes customers so happy when they see it arrive to deliver their essentials,” said Matt.