Truck of the Year


It’s officially chilly across the country with exciting competition from Truck of the Year hot enough to thaw out any frozen hands! June shaped up to be a month brimming with epic Isuzu trucks, with Heritage Isuzu’s continuing their momentum of showcasing what classic trucks have to offer. The Heritage truck category celebrates the milestone of Isuzu trading trucks for 50 years in Australia and 25 years of the Truck of the Year competition.

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The lucky winner of June is Stop Slow Traffic Control with their 2022 NNR 45-150 AMT Crew Traypack taking home a $300 merch prize pack of Isuzu Trucks merchandise. Stop Slow Traffic Control is also now in the running to be crowned “King” of the N Series, and win an additional $1,000 Visa cash card plus they are in the running for the Grand Prize—a $6,000 Visa cash card!

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Stop Slow Traffic Control makes the most of their 2022 NNR 45-150 AMT Crew Traypack- loaded to the brim with everything needed for a busy day on the job.

“We have a few trucks in this size but you can’t compete with the quality of an Isuzu truck” states Matt James of Stop Slow Traffic Control.

With a gleaming black wrap that sports eye-catching traffic signage this NNR 45-150 Isuzu will stop you in your tracks.


Robbie Ussher of Austip located in New South Wales knows the value of his Isuzu.

“My FYJ 300-350 is very cool, and it’s been set up well” Robbie said.

“The FYJ is so easy to manoeuvre on sites which is a clear advantage!”


Sheldon Koster of Koster’s Steel Construction puts his 2021 NPR through its paces but knows it can be relied upon no matter what.

“I can always count on my NPR with a tough job, it’s just so reliable!”

Based in Western Australia specialising in structural steel fabrication and balustrading Sheldon stated that “No matter what I put it through it just keeps on going and can get any job done”.


Jon Lowe of Decorative Concrete has had his Isuzu NPR for almost 20 years now.

“It is the most reliable piece of equipment I have ever owned” Jon said with pride, “it has done 5 runs to Darwin amongst many other interstate trips”.

“My NPR has never let me down because regular servicing has kept this work horse in tip top condition. I’d wouldn’t hesitate to go with another Isuzu in the future.”


Offroad Lift and Shift located in Yass, New South Wales is running better than ever with their 2021 FSS which they use to move freight in hard to access locations with their off-road vehicles.

Shae Reid of Offroad Lift and Shift is thrilled by their FSS’ performance, “She’s a 4×4 truck and a little weapon!”

The short-wheelbase is compact and perfect for going over rough terrain and getting the job done.


Chris Bass is over the moon when it comes to his small but growing Isuzu fleet put to use by Taylor’s Outdoor Power Equipment.

“There is no pickup too small and no drop off too big for my NPR’s to handle” Chris proudly states.

The fleet is made up of a 2016 NPR 155-45 Traypack long-wheelbase and a 2022 NPR-155-45 Traypack short-wheelbase and these mighty trucks really keep things moving.


Owning a heritage Isuzu champions the strength of a small business to go the hard yards while showcasing that Isuzu reliability. Isuzu trucks are in it for the long haul.


Based in Cambooya Queensland but servicing the Southern Downs, the Darling Downs, further up through Southeast Queensland as well as over the border into New South Wales: Diamondvale keeps things trucking with their 1990’s FVR 900.

“Our Isuzu helps keep our business going” Scott Edwards said matter-of-factly.

“It travels all through Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales”.


The stunning wrap on Paul Kelk’s Isuzu catches the eye on and off the road.

The NPR 400 is 22 years young and running better than ever, keeping Paul’s business going smoothly after all this time.

“My NPR 400 has done over 102,000 km” Paul proudly stated, “and it’s the backbone of my little business”.


Kevin Luicich from Amrock Construction is over the moon about his 1998 NPR 250.

“It’s been with me since I started in the carpentry business” Kevin stated. “My NPR 250 now has clocked close to 450000 kms, and while it is older, I can’t bring myself to sell it”.

A well looked after Isuzu really can go the hard yards and that’s evident from Kevin’s affection for his late 90s NPR.

“I probably never will replace my NPR, I can see myself passing it on to my children.”


Brendon Reid of Reidy’s Earthmoving has been relying on his 1991 FVM 1400 for 31 years and has never looked back.

“She just keeps on going and is a very reliable truck” Brendon said confirming that Isuzu reliability which has decades strong staying power.


Purchased by Nathan’s grandfather in 1985 from the Castle Hill agricultural show, this Heritage Isuzu has had many an incarnation.

From delivering veggies for the Sydney Flemington Markets, carting hay for the family cattle, and hauling Nathan’s excavator for his business – Nathan Sultana Plumbing.

“This truck is in great condition; it has never had any mechanical issues and has never been resprayed. It has always been kept inside a shed and it doesn’t have a speck of rust in it” Nathan stated with love for his family’s Isuzu.

“It has recently just clocked over a 200 thousand kilometres!”


Rowan Leen knows his Isuzu history and has an epic story to tell when it comes to the JCR passed down through his family for 3 generations.

“My family at Bernie Leen and Sons Demolition bought this truck brand new in 1985, this Isuzu JCR was a game changer from the old J series Bedford trucks they were used to in the business”.

“Since then, the truck has served over 37 years of hard demolition work, hauling concrete and demolition materials all over Victoria.”

“We still use the truck regularly to continue what she knows best!”

“Still running on its original motor, the old girl doesn’t miss a beat and has never let us down to this date.”


“This was my first truck I brought as a young business owner; and she’s got well over 350k kms on the clock.” said Daniel Dovern of Dovern Bricklaying.

“Welcome to the real work horse behind our bricklaying business”

This Heritage Isuzu has since inspired Daniel to purchase two more Isuzu’s making a small fleet that works hard for Dovern Bricklaying!


Simon Kennedy from Pickets ‘N’ Barbs Rural Contracting knows how to keep it short ‘n sweet.

“My Isuzu is just a hardworking truck that does the job.”

Above all that’s what matter when it comes to a hardworking truck being relied upon by an Australian business.

Does your Isuzu have a unique story to tell? Enter Truck of the Year and showcase your showstopper of a truck and you might just drive away with the grand prize!