Truck of the Year

June 2019 Truck Of The Year Entrants

Winter is officially upon us, but the Isuzu Truck of the Year Competition is just starting to heat up.

Take a moment to check out our entrants for June as we gear-up for the second half of the year and edge closer towards the grand prize announcement and of course bragging rights for one Isuzu owner who’ll claim the 2019 Isuzu Truck of the Year mantle.

This month’s winner, Coachbiz, will be receive $300 worth of Isuzu Trucks merchandise. Congratulations Coachbiz!

Just like Coachbiz, all our monthly winners go into the running to claim the Truck of the Year Grand Prize—a tidy $6,000 visa cash card.

So, what are you waiting for? Enter your Isuzu today!


Coachbiz teaches heavy vehicle driver training and what better way to learn than behind the wheel of one of Isuzu’s best kept secrets – the FXZ. Students of Coachbiz love the FXZ 240-350, and so does owner Paul. “It ticks all the boxes. Great visibility in the cab and all the instruments are at your fingertips. It’s quiet, comfortable, has plenty of power and the brakes are fantastic.” That just about sums it up.


One thing Isuzu does extremely well is cater for many different industries and applications, including cold chain distribution. This FVL 240-300 is the ice queen of the Sunrise Refrigerated Transport fleet. Since procuring her in February 2018, drivers of this perfectly specified F Series work two 10 hour shifts a day – and comfortably we might add.

James Kitchens

One reason new truck owners everywhere take a sigh of relief… “No more mucking around with trailers.” Indeed, James Kitchens upgraded to their NPR 65-190 recently and are ecstatic that they can fit more in and get it to its destination quicker. “Rain, hail or shine, we always deliver our kitchens safely and securely,” they said.

Access Furniture Removals

Sydney-based Access Furniture Removals are proud of many things…their service, their timeliness, but most importantly, their equipment. The team at Access take immense pride in their trucks, keeping them clean both outside and inside – and even taking them to the beach for photoshoots! This removal business knows what it means to be in a tight spot, but with their agile new NPR 45-190, they can now slip between trees, tight laneways and narrow driveways without picking up a scratch.

JB Excavation & Boring

This NPR 65-190 Tipper is the complete package—every tradesperson’s dream. For the guys at JB Excavations, it covers every base, “…not to mention the 3.5 tonne trailer it tows with absolute ease!” Regardless of the task in front of them, this immaculate looking set-up ensures JB gets the job done.

Tony Scadden Diesel

For Tony, this 2008 NPS 300 4×4 has been the backbone of this mobile diesel machinery business for the past six years. And when it comes time to upgrade, he’ll be heading straight back to Isuzu Trucks. The truck’s celebrated 4×4 capabilities are class-leading and the custom build at the back houses a wealth of equipment, including a Fassi crane. Working alone most of the time and with customers relying on Tony, he says the NPS, “Has been the best investment for my business.”

T&G Kelly’s Couriers

This T&G Kelly’s Couriers tow truck, aptly named ‘Tri-Me’, is an immaculate example of Isuzu’s FYX 350-350 with a tilt-tray body. Besides the colourful ‘old school’ livery and design, it boasts a massive payload and a comfortable cab for those longer runs through the NSW Southern Highlands.

M & B McKimmie Livestock Transport

All Isuzu products are designed for strength and reliability, but the FYX 1500 is about as application specific as you can get – especially out in the bush. “We can be picking up livestock in the Snowy Mountains farming districts, on country back roads and then travelling to the selling yards in rural centres – all in the same day.” As a result, Belinda needed something rugged and ultra-reliable that could handle whatever task was thrown at it. “This truck never misses a beat.”