Truck of the Year


Isuzu Trucks has been celebrating the milestone of its 50-year anniversary of selling trucks in Australia. Equally exciting is the number of quality entrants coming in for our Truck of the Year competition, which has soared to match the high temperature over the summer.

As always, the friendly competition showcases Isuzu truck owners, acknowledging the hard work and effort it takes to grow a business in transport or trade.

And now to the celebration of the winner for our summer months (Jan—Feb). It’s game, set and match for… Gregory Plumbing & Excavation and their outstanding N Series Tipper.

Congratulations for clinching the monthly prize. Like all our monthly winners, Gregory Plumbing & Excavation takes home $300 worth of Isuzu Trucks merchandise and is now in the running for the Grand Prize—a $6,000 Visa cash card. They also have the chance to win an additional $1,000 Visa cash card if they’re crowned King of the N Series.

There’s still time to enter our March competition. Click here to enter, or click here to see the full terms and conditions.


Founded in 2017, Gregory Plumbing & Excavation have enlisted the help of a smartly outfitted N Series Tipper. While their stock-in-trade is plumbing and excavation, they are also fully insured and licensed in fire protection, drainage, irrigation, and water supply, making them flexible in Australia’s diverse conditions.

“We love our trucks and for the fact that they can carry so much has been a great help in expanding our business,” notes Savannah Gregory.

The cool, calm, and collected approach (supported by their NPR Tipper) might just be a key element to Gregory Plumbing & Excavations’ success…


JWR Construction have found what they were looking for in the NPR 200 Premium Tradepack, as the vehicle carries all the tools and materials that owner Jeff Reynolds needs. Since the company’s founding in 1994, Jeff can attest to the NPR 200 being the right truck for the job as it stands up to the demands of a six-day work week.

“Even my wife loves to be in the driver seat… it has a great turning circle,” Jeff explains. “When not working, it becomes our tow vehicle for our 21-foot caravan and that’s when it really comes alive…overall I can see myself driving Isuzu trucks for the next 20 years.”


From work platforms to transport to scissor lifts, crane hire and traffic control, Joe Lockwood has operated Craneworx in South Australia since 2003. And he’s recently upped the ante, investing in this impressively wrapped FYJ 300-350.

“It’s so versatile operating a tilt slide and crane truck using Isuzu’s FYJ 300-350,” notes Joe with a smile. We think anyone would be grinning with the FYJ’s GVM of 30,000 kg and GCM of 45,000 kg behind them.


Using an eye-catching NMR 60/45-150 Tipper, Elia Nessem from Diverse Building & Construction runs his business of new home constructions and renovations, as well as knockdown rebuilds in Southwestern Sydney.

“Once you see it, you won’t forget it,” crows Elia, speaking proudly of their NMR Tipper. Featuring a bold electric green and black design with genuine Isuzu bulbar… we tend to agree!


Shamrock Civil deals with a vast range of environmental projects, having made their start in the industry in 1994. With the transport and removal of construction materials being a big part of their work, their FVZ 260-300 sure packs a power and torque punch, also sporting a GVM of 26,000 kg and GCM of 36,000 kg.

John Delaney, Plant Manager of Shamrock Equipment, is proud to have the FVZ vehicle as part of their overall fleet, as it helps ensure the smooth running of operations. “We love our Isuzu water truck, it’s the perfect addition to our fleet!” John proclaims.


It seems James Drury of Coral Sea Machinery has great faith in his Isuzu truck, saying simply, “It’s an Isuzu of course!”

One can judge from this confident remark that his Ready-to-Work NPR 55-155 Tradepack is fitting the bill of being fit-for-purpose and reliable to boot. James uses his truck for a myriad of uses, including the transportation of big machinery and equipment.

Have you got a special Isuzu in your life? Enter your truck in the competition today.