Power Solutions


Whether in transport, mining, construction, agriculture or the emergency services—or any other industry—equipment such as vehicles, excavators, irrigation pumps, fire pump sets continue to rely on the efficiency of diesel.

Powering a myriad of applications from irrigation to freight to firefighting, diesel has been proven to be more fuel efficient (and thus cleaner) than regular petrol and has long been a depended upon source of power in industries.

But though all diesel engines operate through an internal combustion system, there are many different configurations available on the market, ready to power any and every application under the sun.

Which leads us to an important question: which power set-up is going to be the right one for you? Let’s take a quick look at the different configurations of diesel engines out there, and their most common uses so you can better choose the right power solution for your operations.

Fan-to-flywheel engines

Fan-to-flywheel engines refer to a complete, fully functional engine, ready to be installed—an efficient option without the need to build or rebuild an engine. Fan-to-flywheel engines are sold without bells and whistles, and are best suited for those wanting an engine for replacement or for powering a unique application.

Fan-to-flywheel engines are widely used in industries, powering heavy machinery such as excavators, wheel loaders, rollers.

Power units

Another popular power option are pre-assembled power units, ready to be ‘plugged and played’. However, compared to fan-to-flywheel engines, these power units feature additional accessories such as filtration, exhaust and cooling systems—so they can be used to power more complex applications without further builds or modifications.

Power units are used as a mechanical power source for a versatile range of applications but are particularly popular across fire and emergency service operations. From pumping water to driving hydraulics systems, power units are ideal for operations requiring a ready-to-work engine complete with standard accessories.

Generator sets

A generator set, or commonly referred to as a GenSet, comprises a diesel engine combined with an alternator to generate electrical energy. GenSets are most often used as back-up or emergency power supply, and are especially popular in places with unstable connection to the power grid.

GenSets typically come in open and enclosed configurations, as follows:

  • Open GenSets

Most frequently used in remote areas powering ‘prime’ applications, particularly in irrigation or agriculture.

  • Enclosed GenSets

Ideal for both remote ‘prime’ and emergency/standby power applications. Enclosed gensets come with weather and soundproof enclosures for sound attenuation and to maximise product longevity.

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Choosing the right power solution for you

While the different configurations of engines available may sometimes be overwhelming, there’s always something to suit your needs—just speak with a professional retailer to help you get started.

A benefit of having a chat with a professional is in them being able to help you determine your exact requirements, and then point you in the right direction—all while saving you the headache of figuring everything out on your own.

Investing in a new engine can be a rather costly endeavour but getting the right power solution will ensure that you stay powered and profitable for the long haul.

Power solutions come in all shapes and sizes, and are put to work anywhere and everywhere. Come take a look at Wilson’s Produce, and how the family keeps the farm’s irrigation running smoothly.