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Out & About: Events wrap up


All prepped to showcase their latest and greatest, Isuzu Engines made headway at the recently held Irrigation Australia Conference and Exhibition in Sydney, New South Wales.

The well-attended event saw industry leaders compare notes on this year’s theme, “Addressing the Big Issues”, with discussions on improving practices within the irrigation industry, as well as the accompanying areas of agriculture and sustainability.

With cutting-edge technology—not to mention their locally developed cooling package—Isuzu drew big crowds to its stand this year.

Speaking of the exhibit, Isuzu Australia Limited’s Industrial and Marine Engines Manager, Dean Whitford, weighed in on the variety of engines that were showcased at the stand.

“This year’s stand at Irrigation Australia has been very different because we have been able to really focus on our wide range of engines, which were seen at the stand. Right from the 3CE1 up to the 6HK1, which is our latest powering unit, our engines were made available for public viewing and they were very well received,” Mr Whitford said.


In keeping with their active field day calendar, Isuzu Engines forged ahead into Gunnedah, New South Wales, marking AgQuip 2018 with their presence.

The Isuzu Engines stand exhibited between 21 and 23 August, featuring their latest triumph—the locally developed cooling packages built to cater to extreme temperatures.


The sprightly site at Carrick in Launceston, Tasmania, was abuzz with festive excitement as Agfest returned to the state for a three-day field day event between 3 and 5 May 2018.

Adding to all the excitement was Isuzu’s selection of six power-packed, off-highway engines that kept customers coming back for more.

Suited for a variety of applications including irrigation, farming, agriculture and more, these versatile engines offer the best in terms of reliability and technology.

Agfest is one of the key agriculture field days, and Isuzu Australia Limited’s Engine Sales Manager, Rod Best, shared his thoughts on the event’s crucial role in helping them directly connect with customers. Isuzu Australia Limited’s Engine Sales Manager, Rod Best, shared his thoughts on the event’s crucial role in helping them directly connect with customers.

“Exhibiting our engines at Agfest has allowed us to bring our engines directly to farmers and other customers who are the immediate users of the engines, and these customers are able to then identify how the engines’ functions and features can align with their needs,” he said.

Isuzu Engines power up at Henty, Elmore and Australian National Field Days

Marking a very busy year of 2018, Isuzu Engines recently wrapped up their tour of field days with successful stops at Henty Machinery Field Day, Elmore Field Day and Australian National Field Day.

Both field days represented a great opportunity to showcase their power-packed line-up, which included the Made to Stock range of power units, as well as quality accessories such as the highly rated cooling packages suitable for all kinds of irrigation applications.

Isuzu Engines Sales Manager, Rod Best, said that the team was happy to have garnered positive responses.

“The field days have been great because we’ve been able to answer questions about our range that come directly from customers who are keen to learn more about them.
“This year, we’ve focused on the development of really robust, locally developed components that can withstand challenging environments. We’ve also worked hard to enhance efficiencies, and our current product range reflects that,” Mr Best said