Power Solutions

Isuzu Power Solutions Delivers National Dealer Training

Isuzu Power Solutions (IPS) has been busy lately, from the department’s recent rebranding to a hectic schedule of field day events, and more recently, hosting a string of training programs at Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL) training centre in Truganina, Victoria.

The IPS Dealer Training Program brings together participating IPS dealers from across the country to not only network, but also help familiarise themselves with new and existing IPS products, offerings and updates.

From left to right: Nicholas Soitaridis (IAL), Troy Lawson (IAL), Shou Otsuka (Isuzu Motors Japan), Luke Haris (Wagga Motors Isuzu), Evan Kelly (IAL), Matt Sakhaie (IAL), Nicholas Thomas (IAL), Paul Nebauer (Brisbane Isuzu), Derek Siddall (Westar Truck Centre), Rod Best (IAL), Glenn McKay (DPS), Paul Brown (DPS), Clint McAdie (Ballarat Isuzu), Rod Butcher (Patterson Cheney), Blair Hossel (IAL), David Campbell (IAL), Nathan Weaver (Gilbert & Roach (Hexham)), Balwinder Bindra (IAL)

Matt Sakhaie, Head of Power Solutions, said the training sessions are an excellent way to get more Isuzu Trucks dealers up to speed with IPS products, whilst beginning to formulate targeted sales approaches suited to their geographical locations.

“We’re very excited to be offering this type of training across our dealer network,” Mr Sakhaie said.

“This year we’ve developed an in-depth training course, including sales and market theory and practices, product updates, and role playing.

“These sessions allow the IPS department, based here in Melbourne, to connect and engage with our dealer network out in field.

“The aim is to offer our dealers all the support they need to marry the best IPS offering to their customers’ needs.”

Sessions were led by Rod Best, IPS Sales Manager for Victoria, Tasmania and New Zealand; Troy Lawson, IPS Sales Manager for South Australia and New South Wales; and Blair Hossel, IPS Sales Manager for Queensland.

IPS Senior Product Engineer, Nicholas Soitaridis, was also on hand to lend his expertise from a product design and development perspective, taking the dealers through product offerings and updates.



Devised to be more comprehensive than ever before, participants completed an intensive 8-hour program covering market and sales theory, software specification training and new product updates.

IAL head office facility tour

Participants were given a tour of IAL’s state-of-the-art head office facility, which included a look at the dedicated and expansive IPS product development and testing centre. Participants also inspected IAL’s parts warehouse and distribution centre, which services Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific with truck and off-highway engine components.



Product updates

Dealers were taken through new and existing IPS engines, power units and gensets, including two soon-to-be released power units from the 6-cylinder U&W range (362-532 hp).

Additionally, new WebSupervisor software was showcased, which allows all Isuzu gen-sets (equipped with a PRO Controller panel) to be remotely controlled via any connected device.

The software also works to monitor, log, store and mine data sent back from the operating engine—a key benefit for operators with multiple units operating in the field.


DIAS training

Now a well-established sales tool across the IPS dealer network, the Diesel Inquiry Assessment System (DIAS) was another area of focus within the training program. Attendees were given a refresher course on how to best utilise this unique engine specification software to arrive at the best solution for the need at hand.

This session included a role-playing scenario to allow dealers to use the system to provide options and quotes to a theoretical customer.



The IPS dealer training program was attended by sales professionals from prominent Isuzu Trucks dealerships.