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Challenging boundaries: 6HK1 engine

Recently launched, the new 6HK1 engine series is one of Isuzu Engines’ pride and joy, and it’s easy to see why.

This six-cylinder H series stands out because of its focus on parts commonality in the design process, catering to the diverse needs of Australian applications.

Using the latest technology available, the 6HK1 engine has a highly efficient combustion chamber design, which results in lower fuel consumption.


Fuel-efficiency aside, the engine range is designed for application flexibility, with an adaptability that sees it suitable for a variety of requirements, ranging across uses in areas such as agriculture, general industry, hydraulic pumping, irrigation, refrigeration and water pumping.

And adding to all these is its ready-to-work functionality. Available as a Made to Stock (MTS) power unit, the 6HK1 (MTS II) comes complete with exhaust units, cooling systems, a control unit and other accessories—which means you can simply switch the engine on and put it straight to work. So what you’ll get is no build time and more working time.

The 6HK1 engine range comes in three different models, with different power profiles:

-6HK1TQC01 MAX 143.4KW [192HP] @ 2200 RPM

  • Turbocharged mechanical injection

-6HK1XQP03 MAX 183.9KW [247HP] @ 2000 RPM

  • Turbocharged intercooled mechanical injection

-6HK1XYBW02 MAX 212KW [284HP] @ 2000 RPM

  • Turbocharged intercooled common rail injection

The series also boasts a full suite of striking accessories, such as the following:

Engine feet and anti-vibration mounts

Engine skid

High-performing cooling package, fan and plumbing

Air cleaner and piping

Exhaust system and mounting brackets

High-temp engine harness

Engine guards

Filter brackets

The above list isn’t exhaustive, which makes the 6HK1 series truly stand out in today’s competitive market. Especially when the engine series has been designed to meet unique Australian industry needs with parts commonality in mind.

Adaptable, power-packed and fit for purpose—the 6HK1 promises to be the reliable, high-performing engine you’ll need.