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Understandably, agriculture has and will always be a weather-dependent economy, and the recent deluge of wet weather—particularly throughout the south-eastern region of the country—has transformed parched earth to grassy paddocks throughout parts of Queensland, southern New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and regions of South Australia.

Although the north-west region of West Australia remains drier than average, large swathes of the rest of the southern states are welcoming a wetter than average quarter ahead.

Head of Isuzu Power Solutions (IPS), Mr Matt Sakhaie said, “It’s been a damp couple of months in some areas of the country and a welcome relief for many in the agricultural and related industries.

“That said, we all recognise the importance of water as a finite resource. It’s critical to manage its use as sagely as possible—using every advantage we have at our disposal,” he noted.

“Over or under watering are common issues best mitigated by an effective, well-designed irrigation strategy. And, the best irrigation design is only as effective as the system’s power source.”

Isuzu Power Solutions 6UZ Power Pack

A standout power solution for a range of Australian applications, including larger scale irrigation, is Isuzu’s ready-to-work, locally assembled and tested 362 hp, 9.8 litre, 6-cylinder 6UZ common rail diesel engine power pack, from its Made-to-Stock range of Power Units.

Hailing from Isuzu’s U&W Series engine model range, the 6UZ is a genuine, Japanese-made engine well known for its impressive fuel consumption, reduced noise, and extremely low maintenance needs.

Versatility & flexibility

The 6UZ finds a home in a range of applications and sectors including agriculture, general construction, hydraulic pumping, irrigation, construction and de-watering to name but a few.

Locally developed accessories, suitable for tough Australian conditions, enhance the durability, flexibility and fit-for-purpose nature of the Made-to-Stock 6UZ.

Key amongst these, and a benefit not lost on those working the land, is Isuzu’s locally developed heavy-duty cooling package, featuring rugged, all-aluminium bar and plate construction rated to Australian conditions at 51°C.

Rounding out the environmental adaptability of the 6UZ model is the addition of an industrial grade exhaust system, premium air cleaner and Australian designed and manufactured skid and engine mounts.

Affordability & fuel efficiency

Key considerations for most operators in this space is fuel efficiency, along with reduced installation and ongoing operating costs. The 6UZ lays claim to a highly competitive fuel consumption of 55.8L/h running continuously @ 1,800 RPM while producing 221kW/296hp. Performance and reliability in service is backed up by rigorous local testing of each unit, while the IPS engineering philosophy of parts commonality presides.

Each unit is rigorously tested in Australia and with the commonality of parts amongst the IPS range, installation and ongoing maintenance are made affordable and stress-free.

In addition, and given the tried and tested nature of all IPS engines, service intervals are set to 500 hours, greatly reducing ongoing maintenance and operating costs, a huge advantage when pitted against many competitor brands.

Durability, dependability & trust

IPS has garnered a reputation for delivering world-class, Japanese-made engines, renowned for reliability, durability and backed up by the brand’s comprehensive aftersales support.

“Isuzu is an internationally trusted name when it comes to engine performance, and the company has sold over 25 million engines worldwide,” said Mr Sakhaie.

“At IPS we’re pleased to be able to offer our customers a range of products that deliver performance, dependability and durability, those ‘never stop’ qualities that are non-negotiable when it comes to essential applications and services like agriculture, irrigation and water pumping.

“Backed by an extensive nation-wide dealer footprint, with over 70 locations across the country, we’re supremely confident in our product, its illustrious heritage and its fit-for-purpose nature, regardless of the task at hand,” he concluded.