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In today’s society, the concept of waiting is all but dead.

In this age of mobile, connected devices and services, immediacy is king and is now more of an expectation than a pleasant surprise.

Sixteen years ago, Isuzu Trucks pioneered this very concept to the Australian truck market, with the release of a pre-bodied, factory-backed work truck made available to truck customers for the very first time.

Developed on a dependable 4,500 kg GVM Isuzu NKR platform with Isuzu’s SITEC 125 4JH1-TC engine, this never-before-seen package was dubbed the ‘Tradepack,’ in honour of the diverse Australian trade applications it was destined to service.

Suddenly, plumbers, builders, electricians and everyone in-between had a ready-made transport solution poised to drive out of Isuzu showrooms and onto local worksites around the country.

With the arrival of Isuzu’s Ready-to-Work range, Aussie truck buyers were no longer required to wait weeks, if not months, for their new purchase to go through the truck body-building process. Until Ready-to-Work, the exhaustive wait times for truck builds had simply been a part of truck procurement; a necessary element of upgrading your business’ transport capacity.

Sixteen years later, this business approach has been emulated across the Australian truck market. From its Japanese competitors through to European and North American rivals, Isuzu’s landmark ‘turn-key’ solution continues to set the benchmark for Australian truck retailing.



Where it all began.

Isuzu Trucks has long kept an attentive eye over the evolving needs of the Australian transport industry and has specifically designed the modern incarnation of the N Series Tradepack, the NPR 45/55-155, to meet the diverse requirements of modern Aussie trades operating in a rapidly changing construction backdrop.

Firstly, there’s the adaptability of either a short or medium wheelbase option. The short wheelbase model includes a 3.45-metre-long heavy duty aluminium tray whilst maintaining a tighter turning circle than many best-selling utilities currently on the market.

Meanwhile the medium wheelbase model’s tray is 4.5 metres long, offering growing businesses greater storage capacity and overall efficiencies.

With a choice of either a 4,500 kg GVM rating for car licence operation, or a 5,500 kg GVM rating for increased payload and the capable 5.2 litre Isuzu 4HK1-TCN engine creating 114 kW @ 2,600 rpm and 419 Nm @ 1,600 – 2,600 rpm, the Tradepack is more than well equipped.

On the transmission front, Isuzu’s MYY-6E 6-speed manual is available, or there’s the more popular 6-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) with both fully clutch-less and manual operation modes, offering sophistication, driveability and fuel efficiency.


The sister variant of the original Tradepack, Isuzu’s Traypack range welcomes two new additions to the line-up in 2019, the independent front suspension NNR 55/45-150 AMT Traypack models.

With a crew cab option, Isuzu’s smooth shifting AMT and hardy aluminium tray body, the Traypack is the embodiment of a truck-tough ute (but with far more load capacity) and eats up the cut and thrust of daily life on Australian worksites.


Not long after the 2003 NKR Tradepack was introduced into Australia, Isuzu Trucks moved on their next landmark Ready-to-Work venture – a lineup of factory backed, pre-bodied tippers.

Eyeing a gap in the market, the Isuzu Trucks tipper range went on to become a mainstay of mining, excavation, landscape and general construction trade disciplines.

Renowned for their durability and dependability, the factory-built tipper bodies have always been a highlight. Isuzu’s heavy-duty, all-steel construction and durable plate thickness equate to longer lifespans, even in the harshest of environments.

In mid-2017, Isuzu Trucks launched the next generation of pre-bodied tippers, the NLR 55/45-150 Tri-Tipper.

Its Japanese factory-built tipper body tilts to the left side, right or rear of the truck – ushering in a new era of flexibility and adaptability for trades of every kind.

Based on the tried and tested NLR platform and powered by the Isuzu 4JJ1-TCS engine – rated at 110 kW @ 2,800 rpm and 375 Nm @ 1,600 – 2,800 rpm – the Tri-Tipper has been nothing short of a revelation.

As one of the standouts of the Isuzu Trucks Tipper range, the NLR Tri-Tipper has a GVM of 5,500 kg (which can be de-rated to 4,500 kg so it can be driven on a car licence) adding to the overall package.

“It offers much greater flexibility, meaning customers are less dependent on access,” Isuzu Australia Limited’s Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Simon Humphries said.

FSR Tipper

Isuzu’s ever-popular Tipper range has received a big shot in the arm in 2019, with the addition of the FSR 140-260. This addition brings the Isuzu Truck factory Tipper GVM range up to a brawny 14,000 kg, a maximum level internal volume capacity of over 5.2 cubic metres and a useful payload in excess of 7,500 kg.

This model is also appearing on the Isuzu Trucks stand at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show.

Servicepack X

Much like the popular tipper range of pre-bodied Ready-to-Work truck models introduced back in 2005, Isuzu Trucks identified an opening in the Australian market for a locally-designed, built and bodied field service trucks.

Welcome to the Isuzu Trucks Servicepack revolution.

First appearing on the market in 2016 and initially finding a home on the trusted NLR 45-150 platform, the popular Servicepack range has since been extended across key N Series models up to and including the 7,500 kg GVM NPS 75-155 4×4 – a perfect, go-anywhere solution for larger mining, council and machine field servicing operations.

Come 2019 and the evolution of the Servicepack offering endures with the introduction of several new models starting with the brand new NLR 45-150 Servicepack X, and including the NLS 45-150 AWD Servicepack X and NPS 75-155 4×4 Servicepack X.

Designed to slot seamlessly into the modern asset management or trade fleet, the Servicepack X breaks with convention to deliver a more functional, lockable ‘workshop’ space within the body cavity itself.

The fully powder-coated steel body construction features new vertically opening rear storage lockers with a variety of configurable internal shelving systems (available at extra cost), designed to meet at the juncture of access, workspace real estate and security.

The new body design is perfect for all manner of onsite service provision, parts and componentry maintenance and more direct access to stored tools and field service gear.

The stepped towbar (3.5t to 4.5t capacity depending on model) means operators can attach a trailer to the Servicepack and fully utilise the vehicle’s abundant torque under load.

Depending on the nature of the task, customers can choose from the 4.5 tonne GVM 4×2 NLR model, or for more demanding conditions the 4.5 tonne GVM AWD NLS provides sure footed operation. Rounding out the Servicepack X range is the go-anywhere NPS 75/45-155 4×4 fitted with the convenience of Isuzu’s automated manual transmission (AMT).

“This introduction of the Ready-to-Work Servicepack X offers more options and efficiencies than ever before, especially in terms of adaptability and ease of use,” Isuzu Australia Limited’s Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Simon Humphries said.

“The entire Servicepack range has been a great success so far and we see some fantastic benefits for field service operators with the new Servicepack X variants. From civil infrastructure asset maintenance to on-site static and mobile machinery management – the Servicepack X presents a compelling case indeed.”

At its core, the Isuzu Trucks Ready-to-Work approach simply responds to customer need.

Indeed, recent OECD projections were not lost on the team at Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL), which showed that over the next 30 years, Australia will grow by an additional 10 million people. Three-quarters of this growth will occur in our four largest cities—Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Population growth equates to a stronger economy, providing a larger domestic market for businesses and increasing the size of our labour force. It’s all good news, but Australia’s ability to capitalise is only as good as our freight and supply chain networks and of course, the equipment applied within.

The introduction of the Vanpack in 2017 is a classic example of market demand dictating and directing locally-developed last mile delivery solutions – for a local freight task.

Isuzu’s NNR 45-150 AMT Vanpack fits the bill with a GVM of 4,500 kg and an Isuzu 4JJ1-TCS engine capable of producing 110 kW @ 2,800 rpm and 375 Nm @ 1,600 – 2,800 rpm.

The vehicle boasts an Australian designed and assembled 18.5 cubic metre van body, featuring four tethering points per side, double rear barn doors, rear grab handles and non-slip rear steps. It also has LED clearance lights and handy LED interior work light.

Isuzu Trucks have carefully selected the van dimensions to ensure a combination of maximum internal volume and accessibility. The overall height allows the Vanpack to drive under overhead structures with 3.0 m or higher clearance restrictions.

The F Series Freightpack

Complementing and building on the popularity of the light-duty Vanpack ethos, the brand-new Ready-to-Work F Series Freightpack range has been launched at the 2019 Brisbane Truck Show.

It represents another chapter in Isuzu’s Ready-to-Work story, trading off the longstanding domination of the F Series within the hotly contested medium-duty market segment.

Again, responding to customer demand and prevailing requirements of the Australian freight task, the F Series Freightpack line-up delivers more transport solutions, more options for Australian freight operators and greater economic efficiencies for those whom road transport is their main game.

Ready-to-Work Freightpack models are initially available across the following Isuzu F Series platforms:

  • FRR 110-240 AMT with Curtain-side 10-pallet body configuration
  • FSR 140-240 AMT with Curtain-side 12-pallet body configuration
  • FVL 240-300 AUTO with Curtain-side 14-pallet body configuration

“We’ve applied our successful Ready-to-Work strategy to the lighter end of the general freight market and now we’re targeting the medium to heavy-duty rigid market with these tightly specced and highly practical F Series Freightpack models,” said IAL National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman.

“We’ve specified key GVM, engine and transmission configurations, providing flexible freight workhorses for a variety of operations.

“The trucks are fitted with a range of time-saving and convenience enhancing features and like all our Ready-to-Work models, all can be put straady to Workight to work direct from your Isuzu dealer.”