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The Trade Choice: New Models Bolster Isuzu Ready-To-Work Range

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ recent Labour Force study, the trade and construction industry employs 1.2 million working Australians, surpassed by only the health and retail trade sectors.

That’s a lot of hardworking Australians who, at one point or another in their careers, will consider their transport solution very seriously.

For a decent proportion of this group, this decision will include weighing up the virtues of purchasing one of the many utilities flooding the market against tapping into the clear advantages of a rigid, light-duty truck.

In a bid to make this decision even more foregone, Isuzu Trucks has this year added two new additions to its popular Ready-to-Work range—the independent front suspension NNR 55/45-150 AMT Traypack models with automated manual transmission (AMT).

With single and crew cab options, Isuzu’s own smooth-shifting AMT with Torque Convertor, and hardy aluminium tray body, the NNR Traypack is the personification of a truck-tough utility, but with a far greater payload.


An important consideration for any trade business is the question of who exactly will be driving, and when. To that end, the NNR presents options.

It’s available in both single and crew cab variants at 4,500 kg gross vehicle mass (GVM), meaning those without a truck licence can operate it—perfect for businesses with multiple or infrequent drivers.

The NNR Traypack is also available in the single cab rated at 5,500 kg GVM, with a gross combination mass (GCM) of 8,000 kg and even more payload.

Powered by Isuzu’s bulletproof four-cylinder, 4JJ1-TCS engine and producing 110 kW (148 HP) @ 2,800 rpm, the NNR has max torque of 375 Nm @ 1,600 – 2,800 rpm.

Car-like feel

The new NNR Traypack also features Isuzu’s fully independent, FI026 wishbone front suspension system. At the rear, the truck is fitted with Isuzu’s full-floating R050 banjo type suspension.

When Isuzu’s MYY-6E six-speed AMT with torque convertor is added to that mix, the result is what must be the most comfortable ride of any light-duty truck on the Australian market.

The TC-AMT delivers a sophisticated, intuitive drive, with smooth gear changes and a car-like experience behind the wheel.

It provides all the shift quality and launch feeling of a full auto, with the fuel economy and control of a well-driven manual.

Drivers also enjoy more control, with the kick-down detent on the accelerator pedal. This feature has been developed specifically for the Australian market and road situations such as a driver coasting toward a roundabout or intersection with the intention of either accelerating or braking as required.

The TC-AMT also includes a shift lever featuring a ‘P’ position, which engages a parking pawl and gear that stops main shaft rotation and is capable of holding a fully laden truck when parked on a slope.

While the NNR has a highly predictable, car-like feel behind the wheel, it’s nothing but business out the back.

Forged from robust, heavy-duty aluminium, the NNR Traypack body comes with integrated load restraint anchor points, headboard, rear window protector, and removable drop sides and rear tailgate.

The standard reversing camera adds to the ease of use when negotiating building sites and carparks, while ladder racks, handy underbody storage and foldaway access steps are optional extras that round out a compelling trade transport solution.

A compelling case

Les Spaltman, Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) National Sales Manager, said the NNR Traypack line-up presented a convincing and highly efficient case for Australian trade businesses and fleets.

“With the addition of independent front suspension to the tried and tested NNR platform, we’re confident the prudent buyer will see the clear advantages of this transport solution.

“The ready-built nature of the NNR Traypack ticks a number of boxes for tradies, from fuel savings and driver access through to the ultra-reliability of the Isuzu 4JJ1 engine.

“This is the complete trade package,” Mr Spaltman said.

“These new Traypack models, just like the entirety of our Ready-to-Work range, are squarely aimed at Aussie businesses serious about taking the next step up.

“We have a no-nonsense approach to building as many efficiencies into our offering as possible.

“The new NNR Traypack models embody this approach and simply must be on any serious tradesperson’s list when considering their next business move.”