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Businesses don’t survive almost 40 years without having developed a reputation for quality workmanship and excellent customer service. And Traianon Contractors is more than surviving – it’s blooming.

Traianon Contractors is currently celebrating its 37th year of beautifying the state, one garden at a time.

Managing Director of Traianon Contractors, Adam Traianon, said that, despite already being able to handle practically every landscaping job imaginable, the business is always looking to expand.

“We do landscaping, parks and gardens, roadside grass cutting, excavation, tree lopping and herbicide applications,” Adam said.

“We provide a very good, affordable service and predominantly work for local government or big organisations such as V-Line.

“The business has a solid base, but I’m 100 per cent focused on expansion. We never stop working, and we’re always getting more staff on, winning more tenders and increasing the size of our fleet.”

To keep his business growing, Adam bought an Isuzu NQR 87-190 AMT Tipper.

The Tipper’s GVM of 8,700 kg, 140 kW of power at 2,600 rpm and 513 Nm of torque at 1,600 – 2,600 rpm give Adam’s business all the lugging capacity and strength it needs to serve its customers day in and day out.

Adam said the NQR Tipper gives Traianon unparalleled flexibility and power, but is still accessible enough to take anywhere – and easy enough for even his less attentive employees to drive.

“We’ve got one employee who’s just gotten used to riding the clutch,” Adam laughed. “So the Automated Manual Transmission’s (AMT) perfect.

“All the drivers single out the AMT as the truck’s best feature, it makes a massive difference and everything else we buy now will have one.”

Isuzu’s AMT has both fully automatic and clutchless manual operation modes, ensuring a smooth as possible drive no matter what load’s in the back.

The convenience doesn’t end there though – Isuzu’s entire Ready to Work range comes with factory-fitted bodies covered by Isuzu warranty that eliminate the body-builder waiting game.

“We’re very, very happy with the truck,” Adam said.

“The turning circle’s amazing. We’re currently working on a site just off the Princes Highway, and to enter and exit the on/off ramps and get into tight spots is fantastic.

“If we’ve got 25 bags of mulch in a garden bed, the truck makes it easy to transport.”

Isuzu’s Ready to Work range offers flexible, workhorse trucks for any business owner.

Many models are driveable on a car licence and can be parked in any suburban driveway, yet still offer greater payloads than standard utilities and a tighter turning circle than many of the best-selling utilities on the market.

“It’s got heaps of power and it makes everything so easy,” Adam said of his NQR Tipper. “It’s just a press of a button or a pull on a lever and the Tipper responds perfectly.

“I did a huge amount of research before I bought it. I test drove every competitor on the market and talked extensively with our mechanics.

“They service a lot of Isuzus and other brands and they all said Isuzus were the most reliable trucks on the market.

“They’ve all got Isuzus themselves and the consensus was you can’t beat them.”

Balancing huge workloads and hectic schedules comes par for the course when you own an expanding business, but the NQR Tipper’s imposing array of safety credentials puts the owner’s mind at ease.

Among its many features, the NQR offers Anti-lock Braking (ABS), Anti-skid Regulator (ASR) traction control, an ECE-R29 compliant cab and Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC), which automatically detects and helps correct any loss of control.

“The NQR’s an absolute ripper,” Adam said. “To be honest, I’m spewing I didn’t buy one 10 years ago.

“Compared to the other vehicles I’ve owned it’s fantastic, it’s just so easy to drive. All the boys love it, it’s manoeuvrable and it carries huge loads.

“We wanted the truck to be an accessible all-rounder and the height of the NQR means it can go anywhere, the handling makes driving it a breeze but it’s still got serious grunt.

“It takes my business to the next level and provides us options a four-wheel drive or ute never could,” he said. “I couldn’t be happier with it and I’ll definitely buy Isuzus again.”

Isuzu’s Ready to Work truck models are specified and conveniently pre-bodied to cater to key trade, transport and materials handling applications.

All models feature Isuzu factory backed bodies with tray, van, service-body and tipper applications covered.

Isuzu Ready to Work models can be driven straight from the dealer showroom to the worksite (once registered and insured), and with no time required for body build.

With models ranging from the 4,500 kg GVM Traypack, Tradepack and Tipper through to the FRR 107-210 Tipper, Isuzu Ready to Work trucks offer turn-key solutions for vital trade and transport applications.