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The New Age Of The Bullbar

Sexy and safe. Not exactly the two words you’d associate with each other, but with Isuzu Truck’s bullbar, that’s what it is.

This is for serious truckies who want more than just an added protective device. Isuzu has the perfect solution: its Australian-made bullbar—built for Australian conditions, with your Isuzu truck in mind.

Designed and styled by Isuzu engineers in Japan and locally manufactured with state-of-the art technology, Isuzu’s bullbars have been specified to exacting standards developed by Isuzu Australia.

Manufactured by Australian high-tech engineering company Abcor using advanced technologies such as automation and a thousand-tonne press, these technologies not only ensure a high level of quality control, but also gives the bullbar a much stronger foundation than those built via other manufacturing methods such as extrusion.

Ian Shanks, Isuzu Australia Limited’s Purchasing and Product Quality Manager, shared more about the bullbar.

“It’s an extremely exciting design, and completely different from anything we’ve seen on Isuzu trucks before,” Mr Shanks said.

“It’s also fully robot-welded and polished, and the manufacturing process is ISO-accredited, ensuring a very high level of quality control. A huge amount of automation goes into the bullbar manufacturing process, leaving nothing to chance.

“It’s all part of Isuzu’s stringent quality standards, and represents industry best practice.”

Isuzu stands confidently behind the safety features of its bullbar, which is airbag- and Australian Design Rules–compliant.

The bullbar has been rigorously crash-tested in Japan to ensure compatibility with the truck’s airbag system, while comprehensive shaker tests were also carried out in Japan to replicate the arduous conditions experienced on many of Australia’s back roads, byways and corrugated tracks.

Importantly, the bullbar design does not impede airflow and, when installed, retains existing Isuzu truck architecture such as headlight mounts and adjustment.

The bullbar comprises a unique two-piece design, bolted together by mechanical fasteners.

Mr Shanks said, “When we look at this design, the upper section and the lower section are joined by ‘mechanical fasteners’.

“These fasteners have proven to be stronger than a welded product, which is the current standard for many bullbar designs.”

While this results in a stronger and more robust product, it also allows for a cheaper replacement if the top or bottom part of the bullbar is damaged.

The design also offers versatility, as Isuzu’s bullbars can now act as a heavy-duty bumper variant without the top section.

But why should customers be excited about Isuzu’s bullbar?

Mr Shanks said, “Put simply, it’s a modern, contemporary design that utilises world-leading technology. It’s stronger than ever, safer than ever and the best part is it flawlessly reflects the style of the trucks.

“The quality assurance is there for all Isuzu customers to see. When a product is fully designed and approved by the Isuzu factory, you can rest assured that it meets extremely rigorous standards.”