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Written by Liz Barrett, first published in HOUSING Online.

Isuzu Trucks and HIA have a strong relationship supporting businesses in construction and landscaping. Here, Isuzu light truck owners in these industries talk about their experience with their vehicles and how it helps the business thrive.

Through the bustling streets of East Melbourne, I drive in the crisp morning air, navigating the tramlines as only a Sydney native would do and I’m reminded of the eternal appeal of our southern city.

As the sun begins to rise and brings the welcome warmth of the day with it, I arrive in a quiet tree-lined street to meet Ashley Formston and Jamie Yeomans of Big Rooster Constructions.

From almost the moment I step out of the car, the genuine friendship between the pair is evident. After only a few minutes with them onsite, I can see that this extends to their team as well.

‘It’s a company built on mateship, really. Ash and I have been mates for over 10 years now, and we’ve got an awesome team. It’s not just about coming to work. We want to make it fun,’ Jamie explains.

In that spirit, naming the businesses was a bit of fun, too. Jamie gave Ash the nickname ‘rooster’ early on in their friendship, and the name stuck.

Ash quips, ‘We were wanting to do something a little bit different, and I thought what about ‘rooster’. So we’ve got a graphic designer mate, we gave him our idea and explained we wanted something that stood out and was creative. Something like us – serious, but fun as well.’

It’s clear that the boys like to have a good time together, but it’s no laughing matter when they get on the tools. They shift from jokesters into meticulous craftsman, assembling a structure in a measured and precise manner. I can see that this no-nonsense approach to building is why the business has gone from strength to strength.

‘We’re starting to expand and had a couple of apprentices. We always knew we were going to need to get a truck once we started to grow. We looked at a few different brands and even test drove a few, but the Isuzu Traypack was the standout, really. It isn’t overly large, so it is easy to manoeuvre but is big enough to keep all the tools in the truck at once, so we are always ready for anything.’

As midday approaches, I venture out of the city, leaving the hustle behind. Heading southwest along the coast, I overlook stunning Port Philip Bay and drive towards Geelong.

When I meet Christian Jenkins, the team is already hard at work transforming a commercial space into a verdant oasis. Christian greets me with warmth and good humour, inviting me to watch them work their magic.

With 25 years under his belt, Christian is a master at landscaping and innovative garden design. In 2003, his ability to construct extraordinary outdoor spaces took him to the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show, a pivotal point in his career.

The site is humming with all kinds of work going on and Christian tells me, ‘We run a bobcat, excavator and a couple of tip trucks, and I’ve just purchased the brand new Isuzu Tri-Tipper to make life easier. Having a tipper like the Isuzu allows me to get into really tight spaces. We’re doing a lot of residential jobs, and I can take the back fence panel off, and we get the truck right in.’

Christian’s remarkable designs often mean truckloads of materials are needed to bring them into reality.

‘We’re saving so much time not having to move the materials around. I can just pull up, tip it off and pull out, still loaded up with my excavator and trailer, which is fantastic.’

Christian purchased the truck from Winter and Taylor.

‘The whole experience was top shelf. Isuzu makes a wonderful truck, it has all those kinds of little luxuries that you expect in a car but wouldn’t necessarily expect in a truck.’

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