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The Isuzu Trucks Ready-To-Work ‘X-Factor’

Australia’s asset management industry has grown exponentially in the last two decades.

From the up-keep and maintenance of electrical power assets to rail, gas, industrial plants, roads and building facilities – the care and supervision of our assets is big business.

A vital component of this offering is of course regular, professional and highly-skilled service provision. Be it mechanical, logistical or something far more bespoke, expert technicians traverse the length and breadth of this country working to keep a range of infrastructure and machinery ticking-over faultlessly.

Another key ingredient to this level of service delivery is the fit-for-purpose, reliable nature of a provider’s transport fleet.

Much like the popular tipper range of pre-bodied Ready-to-Work truck models introduced back in 2005, Isuzu Trucks identified an opening in the Australian market for a locally-designed, built and bodied field service trucks.

Welcome to the Isuzu Trucks Servicepack revolution.

First appearing on the market in 2016 and initially finding a home on the trusted NLR 45-150 platform, the popular Servicepack range has since been extended across key N Series models up to and including the 7,500 kg GVM NPS 75-155 4×4 – a perfect, go anywhere solution for larger mining, council and machine field servicing operations.

At your service

Come 2019 and the evolution of the Servicepack offering endures with the introduction of three new Servicepack X models, the NLR 45-150 Servicepack X, NLS 45-150 AWD Servicepack X and NPS 75/45-155 4×4 Servicepack X.

Designed to slot seamlessly into the modern asset management fleet, the NLR Servicepack X breaks with convention to deliver a more functional, lockable ‘workshop’ space within the body cavity itself.

The fully powder-coated steel body construction features new vertically opening rear storage lockers with a variety of configurable internal shelving systems (available at extra cost),  designed to meet at the juncture of access, workspace real estate and security.

The new body design is perfect for all manner of onsite service provision, parts and componentry maintenance and more direct access to stored tools and field service gear.

Every box ticked

The stepped towbar (3.5t to 4.5t capacity depending on model) means operators can attach a trailer to the Servicepack and fully utilise the vehicle’s abundant torque under load.

Depending on the nature of the task, customers can choose from the 4.5 tonne GVM 4×2 NLR model, or for more demanding conditions the 4.5 tonne GVM AWD NLS provides sure footed operation. Rounding-out the Servicepack X range is the go-anywhere NPS 75/45-155 4×4 fitted with the convenience of Isuzu’s automated manual transmission (AMT).

“This platform’s incarnation as a Ready-to-Work Servicepack offers more options and efficiencies than ever before, especially in terms of adaptability and ease of use,” Isuzu Australia Limited’s Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Simon Humphries said.

“With the Servicepack X, we’ve responded to customer feedback and developed a user-friendly, intuitive body design with increased access and work space for operators.

“The entire Servicepack range has been a great success so far and we see some fantastic benefits for field service operators with the new Servicepack X variants. From civil infrastructure asset maintenance to on-site static and mobile machinery management – the Servicepack X presents a compelling case indeed.”