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Test Like an Isuzu Techie

Isuzu has been Australia’s trucking leader for over 30 years, and continues to push the envelope in delivering and servicing the best trucks all over the country. It takes a team to ensure everything is in top shape, and this wouldn’t be possible without the knowledge and skills of the many Isuzu technicians found in over 70 dealerships and servicing locations. 

We’re always on the search for new technicians who can provide their expertise, and also apprentices who are keen to join the industry and learn from the best. Find out if you’ve got the makings of an Isuzu technician with our quiz that simulates common scenarios that are faced in the real world.

How did you do? Let us know your score in the Facebook comments and challenge your mates to take the quiz. And if you’re keen to learn more about becoming an Isuzu technician, visit our Work With Us page.

And be sure to also check out our National Skills Competition which concluded last  27th July. Each year, our top technicians test their wits for the chance to represent Australia in the I-1 GP in Japan. Seen as the pinnacle of competition, this is where the best Isuzu technicians from around the world contend for the ultimate glory of being crowned the world’s best.