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Isuzu’s new N Series range continues the brand’s tradition of technological excellence with its integration of the stellar, 3rd Generation Automated Manual Transmission with torque converter (TC-AMT).

This transmission represents the apex of over a decade of development and refinement, with a shift protocol developed directly from testing in Australia.

The result is shift timing, logic and all new features tailored specifically to Australian conditions.

The TC-AMT delivers a sophisticated, intuitive drive, with smooth gear changes and a car-like experience behind the wheel.

It’s the latest highlight in a long history of constant improvement and innovation that has made Isuzu Trucks the out-and-out market leader for 27 years.

Isuzu introduced its 1st Generation AMT back in 2005, when the N Series removed its clutch pedal in favour of a wet clutch and fluid coupling – allowing for a smooth take off and creep at idle speeds – and electro-magnetic solenoids to offer both computer controlled auto shift and manual shift.

The huge popularity of this initial iteration meant that when the 2nd Generation AMT came out in 2007 – offering even smoother and more responsive gear changes through its new linear solenoid, and more efficient transmission-to-engine communication – the product was made available in most models across the range.

This record of innovation and refinement culminates in this year’s release of the 3rd generation Isuzu TC-AMT.

Improved response

IAL Chief Engineer, Product Strategy Simon Humphries, said the TC-AMT used in NLR and NNR models provides a torque multiplication factor of 1.55 times, resulting in improved response from a standing start and a smoother overall drive.

It provides all the shift quality and launch feeling of a full auto, with the fuel economy and control of a well-driven manual.

The transmission also offers better acceleration at lower speeds, making it ideal for drivers who regularly deal with stop-start traffic or high idle time.

The gear ratio gap between 2nd and 3rd gear has been reduced, leading to improved fuel economy as high engine speeds are not required between these gears, while the speed range for 3rd gear has been expanded.

Drivers will also enjoy more control, with a new kick-down detent on the accelerator pedal. This feature has been developed specifically for the Australian market and road situations such as a driver coasting toward a roundabout or intersection with the intention of either accelerating or braking as required.

“Roundabouts are not a common feature of the Japanese road landscape, so once again, we have developed this with Isuzu Motors for Australia,” Mr Humphries said.

“The end result is a predictable response for the driver, as the transmission will kick-down one or two gears quickly when the accelerator is pressed beyond the detent.”

The TC-AMT also includes a brand new shift lever featuring a ‘P’ position, which engages a parking pawl and gear that stops main shaft rotation and is capable of holding a fully laden truck when parked on a slope.

The 3rd Generation AMT works perfectly with Isuzu’s efficient, small displacement 3.0 L (150 PS), 4JJ1 engine, delivering the intuitive, intelligent design and high level performance that customers have come to expect from Isuzu.

Its smarter calibration results in a smooth, responsive drive and controls that are uncomplicated and user-friendly.

With its ease of operation, all the fuel benefits of a well-calibrated AMT, and attributes targeted to Australian conditions, it’s sure to be a hit with rental companies and drivers seeking a car-like experience.

“The TC-AMT with P position, combined with the economical 3 litre 4JJ1 engine, offers a driveline that delivers outstanding performance, suited to the local conditions,” Mr Humphries said.

“Isuzu Australia is the first market outside of Japan to get the new 3rd generation TC-AMT, which is an indication of the high standing and importance that Japan places on our market.”

This balance of high level performance and ease of operation means that the new Isuzu TC-AMT truly offers the best of both worlds.


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