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Taking Portable Toilets Serious with Isuzu

The landmark Australian comedy film, Kenny, may have poked fun at the portable toilet industry, but public sanitation is no laughing matter according to Serious Waste. Thinking outside the cubicle is Serious Waste’s business model, and no Australian company does it better.

The hiring and servicing of portable toilets might be an unglamorous topic, but Serious Waste takes pride in providing for life’s necessities – adding a touch of flair to the mundane.

“We design portable wash stations and luxury toilet trailers to service the film and television industry,” said Damon Hill, Operations Manager at Serious Waste. “We provide a 6-star service to those guys.

“We specialise in bulk liquid waste transportation and the hiring and servicing of portable toilets, but a big part of our business is event waste management.”

Serious Waste has over 30 years of experience in the industry, employs 20 staff and provides an important – and well appreciated – service to its customers.

“We stand out from our competitors because we’re serious about service,” Damon said.

A large event that’s lacking public toilets can quickly become a disaster, so reliability was a key consideration when Serious chose Isuzus for their fleet of toilet and waste transport vehicles.

Damon said the company’s newest addition – the Isuzu 4 cylinder 16 valve FRR 107-210 medium wheelbase model – is its most exciting yet.

“We’ve always bought Isuzus because its car licence models are fantastic, but the FRR is a step up in capacity,” Damon said.

“The Isuzus are more capable of handling weight than the other truck brands we own, and they’re far smoother to drive.”

The FRR 107-210 has a 10,700 kg rated GVM with a low and high pressure sequential turbocharged Isuzu N-4HK1-TCS engine which can produce 154 kW @ 2,400 rpm and 726 Nm @ 1,600 rpm, making the FRR powerful enough to carry huge loads, without sacrificing its mobility in tight areas. 

“In addition to large tanks, the Isuzu FRR is fitted with automatically retractable suction hoses, so our employees can attach a hose to the waste depository, press a button and the job’s done.”

With ease of operation one of Serious’ priorities, the company chose the FRR’s third generation Torque Converter equipped Automated Manual Transmission (TC-AMT), with fully automatic and clutchless manual operation modes – providing a sophisticated and intuitive driving experience.

The FRR has the superior comfort of an Isri 6860 air-suspension seat, as well as Isuzu’s Idle Stop System (ISS), which automatically switches the engine off when the truck’s idling, and restarts it when the accelerator is engaged.

Considering many transport businesses have a high idle time, this can save fleets significantly on their fuel usage.

Besides improving job reaction times and saving on fuel costs, Damon has identified another advantage Isuzu is delivering to Serious, namely employment flexibility and reliability.

“Our major focus is on buying more Isuzu NPR 45-150 models.

“They’re equally reliable and when we advertise for positions, we can employ anyone with a car licence.

“We learnt our lesson from buying other Japanese truck brands, because they’re much more fragile. Isuzu’s aftersales service is also excellent, and really sets it apart.

“We’ve been so impressed with them that now we only buy Isuzus.” 

With safety Isuzu’s top priority, the FRR also has Anti-lock Braking (ABS), Anti Skid Regulator (ASR) traction control, Hill Start Aid (HSA) for manual models and a driver and passenger airbag with seatbelt pretensioner.

“If any of Serious’ employees have a weekend job, we’ll always choose one of our Isuzus because of their power, handling and robustness,” Damon said.

“The Isuzus are our hardest working vehicles, we know we can give them the toughest jobs.

“When we go to Toowoomba, we take an Isuzu, when we go to the Sunshine Coast, it’s an Isuzu.

“We feel comfortable taking the trucks anywhere, and owning Isuzus has given us peace of mind.”