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Based out of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Vac Truck Rentals has built an impressive name for themselves in hydro vacuum excavation (HVE) equipment hire. The company started out in 2016, when founders Matt Clough and Ned Popovic saw a big gap in the market for quick access to reliable, durable and productive HVE trucks, Australia-wide.

Hydro vacuum excavation is the process of combining high-pressure water with an air vacuum—a bit like the combination of water syringe and suction devices that dentists use—though on a much grander scale. HVE is typically used to remove unwanted debris and other materials from work sites, and dirt and rocks from underground areas. It’s considered a safer, more non-destructive excavation solution that traditional digging methods, especially when operating near pipelines and cables, tree roots and other underground obstacles.

Before starting up Vac Truck Rentals, Matt and Ned say their personal experience working with HVE trucks at civil construction sites left something to be desired. Often waiting on providers or contractors, only to be delivered of poor-quality equipment when it did show up, Matt and Ned saw time and money being wasted— two things no savvy operator wants to witness.

Matt and Ned knew they needed to do something about it and knew how they could build a successful business in the market; by combining premium products with premium service and ongoing support, backing it all with a reasonable pricing structure. This set the foundation for Vac Truck Rentals, and so began their partnership with Isuzu Trucks and the team at Gold Coast Isuzu.

Vac Truck Rentals now operate a large fleet of Isuzu trucks, ranging from the medium-duty FSR, to heavy-duty FYH models. Matt and Ned keep the fleet on a two-year rotation, keeping up with the latest technology and instilling further confidence in their hire customers.

The most recent addition to their fleet is an Isuzu FVZ 260-300 with 6-speed Allison automatic transmission, fit with a custom body and HVE kit on the back. Boasting a 26,000 kg GVM and 36,000 kg GCM, the FVZ 260-300 has more than enough payload capacity to carry complex, heavy machinery like the hydro vacuum excavator with precision and ease.

It’s smart specifications like the Allison auto transmission and easy-to-use internal cab design that make the Isuzu FVZ a good choice for hire companies like Vac Truck Rentals, says Matt. Confidence that the truck will do the job, no matter who is handling it, is something he values and was an important part of the decision to go with a majority Isuzu fleet.

“Isuzu trucks are well designed and incredibly functional,” said Matt.

“We picked them because we knew how reliable Isuzus are and, in our industry, that is a number one priority.

“Once we hand over the keys, we really don’t know how the truck is going to be treated or where it’s going to go—the trucks are used all over Australia in all sorts of conditions.

“Knowing that we can rely on the truck to get back in our hands, regardless of what gets thrown at it…that’s the kind of peace of mind we need.”

For Vac Truck Rentals, offering hire trucks with automatic transmission provides an attractive option for customers, pulling more business through the door. The ease-of-use and durability of Isuzu’s Allison automatic transmissions hits the spot, noted Matt, helping to instill operating confidence for their customers.

“The Allison auto transmission is really the icing on the cake. It is my favourite feature of the truck and it makes driving it incredibly simple,” Matt said.

“It complements the other features of the truck, and ties in really well with handling the heavy body on the chassis.”

Not only is the Isuzu product a winner in Matt and Ned’s eyes, but the service offered by Gold Coast Isuzu seals the deal for Vac Truck Rentals to continue their lengthy partnership with Isuzu. Matt says their relationship with the Gold Coast dealership has kept the business running efficiently and effectively over the years.

“We have a really fantastic relationship with Gold Coast Isuzu. The sales and service departments have been really professional, friendly and quick in our dealings,” Matt said.

“Due to the high rotation of our fleet, we’re talking to the team at Gold Coast Isuzu all the time.

“Getting trucks in and out for services or supplying new ones… they know what we want and what we need, the have the whole process down to a fine art,” he added.

“We’ve always used Isuzu and we’re confident that our partnership will continue as the business grows, across many more metropolitan, regional and remote regions.”

With infrastructure projects firmly in the crosshairs of the Queensland state and federal governments, demand for Vac Truck Rentals product has remained consistent—even during COVID-19. Added steps in their already meticulous cleaning and maintenance program means all the trucks in Vac Truck’s fleet are COVID-safe, and COVID-ready for every new customer that comes through the door.