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When your business transports delicate valuables priced at thousands of dollars across the country, a smooth drive for the goods, and a comfortable ride for the driver is an essential.

Not your average removal service, The Blue Mexican specialises in moving delicate furniture, antiques, fragile goods, and other household items. Its main run is between Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne.

The Sydney based door-to-door service runs seven days a week, and owner/ driver, Ben Sabel, puts all his trust in his two Isuzu F Series trucks to keep his customer’s valuables safe, and keep his business on the road.

“We find the Isuzus handle the heat really well, we get a lot of hot weather and can sometimes drive 900 km in a day and then another 900 km the following day, so we can’t afford to break down,” Ben said.

Named after his beloved cricket and rugby league state teams, as well as his constant visits “south of the border” to Victoria, Ben has 19 years of experience in furniture removals.

“We started out locally doing house moves around the suburbs, but found the more specialised interstate runs suited us better, even with the longer distances.

“We can move anything from homewares, to sculptures and paintings, through to marble and antiques.

“We move a lot of things people have bought online as now we’re recommended by a lot of shops and businesses. EBay sellers, auction houses, antiques dealers, and interior designers…a lot of our business now is really delicate and high-end goods.

“The most unusual thing we’ve ever moved has to be a full life-size fibreglass white rhinoceros from a taxidermist client we had, it took him years to source one for his customer, and he asked us to move it from Sydney to Melbourne.”

Delicate and sensitive freight demands a strategic drive and forward thinking to ensure goods aren’t damaged on the journey. A reliable vehicle that can carry a heavy payload without losing power is essential, which is why Ben has just added an Isuzu FRR 600 to work alongside his 2013 model FRR, both purchased from Gilbert and Roach in Western Sydney.

“We’re very careful with the removals, we wrap everything up like a Christmas present and strap it down, we need enough room in the back so nothing is damaged on the journey,” Ben said.

The FRR has a GVM of 11,000 kg and a GCM of 16,000 kg, and with a power rating of 176 kW @ 2,400 rpm, Ben and his team have got plenty of pulling power for towing the trailer the business uses for the bigger, more demanding jobs.

Ben has a fully enclosed, watertight furniture pantech and the truck is fitted with GPS tracking to ensure the truck’s contents are accounted for at all times.

“I have two drivers besides myself, and we find them so reliable. The engine isn’t too stressed out on long hauls and cruises along easily, they’re fantastic trucks to drive.

“They’re built to last and tough enough to run interstate and tow a trailer, so they’re exactly what we’re looking for.

“I’m planning on buying another FRR at the end of this year, as we’re so busy at the minute – it’s crazy,” Ben said.

Safety doesn’t take a back seat with the FRR either. The model benefits from anECE-R29 compliant cab, Anti-Skid Regulator (ASR) and Hill Start Aid (HSA). A driver and passenger airbag with seatbelt pre-tensioner also come as standard.

Cab comfort is taken care of in the FRR with an Isri 6860 air suspension driver’s seat with pneumatic lumbar support, fully integrated air conditioning and heater, and Digital Audio Visual Equipment (DAVE) unit with LCD touch screen and digital radio.

The FRR 600 also has an ADR42 compliant sleeper, to ensure Ben and his drivers have the option of some much needed shut-eye when travelling interstate.

“I personally do three 12-hour days a week in a row, and the cab is very comfortable, we’ve added a few personal touches, but to do those long kilometres it’s no issue.

“I have three cars at home and I prefer driving the truck all day long, it’s a really easy solid drive,” Ben said.

“They’ve been fantastic, we’ve done over a million kilometres in Isuzu trucks, and there’s been very little maintenance, even though conditions are so hard here in Australia.

“There is nothing we can complain about, nothing I would improve,” Ben said.

“These trucks do about 80,000 km a year in rural and metro runs, so there’s quite a bit of country driving and manoeuvring around CBDs, and they handle both so well, the turning circle is perfect for the city runs.

“We had a few competitor models at the very start but once I got onto Isuzu, I haven’t left. This is my sixth Isuzu since the business started – it’s Isuzu for us from now on.”

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