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Sky-high: Isuzu on site with Cityline Scaffolding

A scan over Melbourne’s skyline at night reveals a glittering landscape of dancing lights, motionless cranes, a giant spinning wheel, and much colour and movement below.

The visual magic of the city might be uncloaked at night but it’s what goes on during the day that really makes a city tick.

Buildings that dominate the city-scape are the result of large construction projects and an industry that keeps the city functioning and tens of thousands in employment.

Cityline Scaffolding ­has a commercial and residential focus, supplying scaffolding equipment and staff to some of Victoria’s premier construction companies, while servicing some of the state’s leading building projects, including Victoria’s Parliament House refurbishment.

Owner and Company Director, Marcello Notarfrancesco, established the business back in 1998. Prior to that he worked with his three brothers in the scaffolding industry.

But Marcello’s choice to go it alone has paid dividends with Cityline Scaffolding now indisputably the number one scaffolding supplier in Victoria.

What separates Cityline Scaffolding from the pack is the complete service they offer. While others supply the frames, couplers and planks, Cityline provides a skilled labour force as well.

“A service is what people are ultimately after,” explained Marcello. “A lot of companies only provide the raw material, and they outsource the trucks and they outsource the labour.

“We’ve got it all in-house. We provide the material, the trucks and the labour.”

This one stop service is not only a benefit that customers enjoy – providing them with peace of mind – it also allows Cityline Scaffolding to respond to job demands at the drop of a hat.

The investment in people is important said Marcello “because they’re representing the company, so they’ve got to be the best you’ve got.”

The same rule of thumb applies to the trucks Cityline use. They have to be reliable, provide a well-rounded service and present well. In fact, one of the biggest challenges the business faces is having the transport solution in place to meet demand.

At present Cityline has multiple F Series variants, including an FVZ 1400, FRR 500, FTR 400 and a lighter NQR 450, with Marcello looking at purchasing another truck in Isuzu’s medium duty F Series range, like another 6×2 FVM or FVL 230/240-300.

Marcello’s relationship with the brand goes back 15 years. Asked to explain why he chose them, Marcello explains Isuzu were simply a part of the furniture when he started out with his brothers.

“That’s all we used. We had crane trucks, Isuzu flat-bed trucks, nothing but Isuzu. I’ve always driven Isuzu. They’re a comfortable truck to drive.”

“You think you’re sitting in a car, and now that they’ve made even more autos available, it’s even better,” said Marcello.

Cityline uses flat trays to carry their scaffolding material to site. A load can weigh up to 14 tonnes and the FVZ 1400 usually floats a forklift to site as well.

It’s the combination of drivability and comfort, combined with a significant payload that ensures the Isuzu F Series remains the range of choice for Marcello.

“The interior in the new models is pretty flash. The suspension’s really good, the seats are comfortable, and the gear ratio is excellent with the split box,” said Marcello.

“When you’re driving up a hill with a heavy load there’s no stalling. With some other brands, you can feel it’s a bit sluggish. With Isuzu, you’re definitely getting up that hill a lot quicker.”

The FVZ 1400 boasts a GVM of 26,000 kg, with Isuzu’s famed 6HK1 engine producing 221 kW @ 2,400 rpm and 981 Nm @ 1,450 rpm. The NQR 450 has a GVM of 8,700 kg with 140 kW @2,600 rpm and 510 Nm @ 1,600 – 2,600 rpm.

Covering hundreds of kilometres a week, driving anywhere from Somerton, to Cranbourne, to Geelong, to the CBD, reliability is at a premium. And given the trucks are on the road every day, downtime is something the business can’t afford.

Cityline utilises Isuzu’s roadside assist in the case of any on road emergency and has Isuzu Priority service agreements in place so the fleet is always performing at its optimum.

Reliability and complete service is what Cityline Scaffolding provides to their customers in the construction trade and it’s something they look for in their suppliers and capital equipment.

“Reliability I guess is the reason I keep going back to Isuzu. In addition to that, they look great and very professional when we’re out on the road. Presentation means a lot in this business.”