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Riding The Bumps With a Grin With Isuzu IFS

Isuzu Trucks has taken another step towards delivering even more practical and user-friendly road transport equipment with the addition of Independent Front Suspension (IFS) to key models across its range of light-duty trucks.

Ride quality on Isuzu’s NNR 45-150 Crew, as well as single cab NNR 55-150 and NNR 65-150 models has been improved further with the addition of Isuzu’s IFS – a key element of the brand’s 2018 N Series range update.

With last mile delivery and urban freight operations the bedrock of the Isuzu N Series range, the introduction of IFS to key models means a more predictable, car-like drive experience over our local highways and byways.

Smoother for Longer

Isuzu Australia Limited’s Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Simon Humphries explained the addition and its benefits.

“With most of the NNR line-up, we’ve moved away from a more rigid leaf spring set-up over to an independent coil spring assembly, which is designed to improve ride quality and handling, while still able to support a decent payload.

“This improvement is coupled with a new rack and pinion type steering box, delivering sharper steering response, and overall, a more enjoyable driving experience,” he said.

How it Works

The new coil spring assembly is designed to react to small road deformations, cushioning the impact shock, which improves the overall ride quality.

“IFS reduces ‘bump steer’ – where if one wheel bumps or jogs on the road in isolation, the entire axle responds,” Mr Humphries said.

“IFS also provides responsive cornering behaviour as it imparts autonomy to each wheel on the steer axle, allowing it to respond independently to Australia’s sometimes less than friendly road surfaces.

“All in all, IFS represents a key improvement to an already proven platform, adding that extra degree of comfort and a more car-like on road experience,” Mr Humphries concluded.

Comfort and Quality

With demand in the truck market for more car-like ride quality growing, Mr Humphries explained how Isuzu Trucks has responded to deliver a well-considered package across the NNR model variants.

“The addition of IFS to several NNR models will offer a direct feel through the steering wheel and more predictable on-road behaviour – ideal for those urban freight applications where operators are covering a range of different terrain over the course of a shift.

“Australian road conditions can vary wildly from state to state and even within city boundaries. This latest improvement to Isuzu’s urban freight lynchpin – the NNR – ensures it will remain at the top of procurement lists across the nation for some time to come.”