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Research Highlights Isuzu Strengths

When it comes to brands being transparent with their customers and delivering on promises, building and maintaining trust is critical.

Increasingly though, loyalty seems like a quality from another era and it’s harder than ever to retain trust from the modern consumer.

Australian consumers are fortunate to have enjoyed the offerings from a range of iconic brands that have earned the unfettered confidence of the nation… brands like Hills Hoist, Dettol, Kleenex; and on the travel front, inescapable names such as Holden and Qantas were, and still are in some cases, part of the common vernacular.

When it comes to the Australian truck space, Isuzu Trucks can now officially lay claim to a similar mantle.

Commissioned research undertaken by Fiftyfive5, an independent strategy consultancy, places the iconic Japanese truck maker as the most preferred and trusted truck brand in Australia.

The independent market research surveyed over 800 truck owners and decision-makers living in regional and metropolitan areas. Those people surveyed were spread across multiple vocations, from construction and logistics, through to the retail trade and hospitality industries.

The research saw Isuzu Trucks rank highest amongst respondents (at 47%) when asked to name a truck brand that they ‘trust’. Additionally, 19% of all respondents marked Isuzu as their favourite truck brand, more than double the next highest ranked brand.


Part of SA Country Fire Service’s fleet


Isuzu also ranked highest in several other brand association categories, including reliability, value for money, customisation to business needs and product range.

Isuzu Trucks also topped the survey on the strength of its dealer and authorised agent network; it has the largest footprint in the country with over 70 locations, including the recently established Sunshine Coast Isuzu dealership.

John Walker, Isuzu Australia Limited Head of Marketing and Customer Experience said the findings are an encouraging endorsement of the overall product direction, but also of the Isuzu Dealer Network that supports the brand across Australia.

“For many years now, the Isuzu Trucks tagline has been ‘Reliability is Everything’, and it’s heartening to know that our customers trust us to help them get the job done,” Mr Walker said.

“We have every confidence in our product and, equally, in the people who support it every day—our dealer network.”


Part of Gateway Motorway Services’ fleet


Adding weight to the headline findings, additional brand perception survey results placed Isuzu Trucks in the number one position for its overall product range and value over the life of the truck.

“Whenever a study like this is done, it always comes with risk, but it’s been really pleasing to see where we’re at in the minds of Australian truck customers,” Mr Walker said.

“There’s always room for improvement, and we’ll continue to work hard towards providing the very best products, services and support for our customers.”