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Pound for Pound Dual Control Champ Weighs In

When it comes to the waste and refuse industry, size, scale and of course payload is everything, especially where your road transport solution is concerned.

At this year’s Brisbane Truck Show, Isuzu Trucks will be leading from the front yet again with a strong waste and refuse product offering in the heavy-duty rigid segment.

Following the successful introduction of the FSR 140-260 Auto Dual Control model over the past few years, aimed primarily at road sweepers, Isuzu Trucks is now poised to take on the side bin-lifting waste and recycling truck segment.

Planned, developed and conceived right here in Australia, Isuzu Trucks is proud to reveal the 6×4 FVY 240-300 Auto Dual Control, purpose-built for many Australian waste applications.

Local challenges, local solutions

With 24,000 kg GVM, 221 kW @ 2,400 rpm and 981 Nm @ 1,450 rpm, the 6×4 FVY has been carefully selected from the Isuzu Trucks line-up to ensure operators have more than enough capacity to handle every and any waste application.

Unlike some aftermarket conversions the unique Isuzu Trucks design retains existing cab electrical harnesses and uses additional wiring harnesses that ‘plug and play,’ providing ultra-reliable operation of functions such as fuel gauges, odometer readings, and full safety interlocks for control change-overs.

Driveability in the FVY also benefits from the inclusion of the versatile Allison 3500 6-speed adaptive shift automatic transmission, power assisted recirculated ball steering, and Hendrickson HAS460 airbag suspension, with outboard mounted, double-acting shock absorbers at the rear.

Payload and power

“With payload and power-to-weight advantages critical factors in our approach, this dual control solution really is a standout within the broader range,” said Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman.

“Part of the rationale for selecting the FVY platform for this job was the availability of the Hendrickson HAS460 airbag suspension system in the rear. This industry-leading component alone represented a huge weight saving of around 500 kg, as compared to more common multi-leaf steel spring suspension set-ups.

“This in itself was an operator advantage, and one of many we’ve sought to apply to this particular spec.”

Cab visibility is another key feature, as is entry and egress with entry assist grips, 90-degree opening doors and the addition of Isuzu By Design (IBD) hi-visibility grab handle and safety step kits.

Comfort plus

In terms of driver comfort, the FVY boasts left and right side ISRI 6860 seats with integrated seatbelts and air suspension, pneumatic lumbar support, height, rake and automatic weight adjustment, suitable for all shapes, sizes and conditions.

To ensure the dual steering column can be adjusted easily from either left or right driving position, the entire assembly is tilt adjustable with a pneumatic power shift mechanism.

Assisting in the comfort stakes is the FVY’s new audio-visual system, featuring 6.2-inch capacitive touchscreen with greater sensitivity, Android operating system, USB 3.0 connectivity, Bluetooth V4, AM/FM/DAB+ and internet radio.

The unit is also supplied as standard with Isuzu’s ‘truck specific’ satellite navigation and supports optional fitment of up to five on-board cameras, reversing sensors and connectivity to other devices.

“The world of waste movement isn’t exactly sexy, but we believe operators will have more than a few reasons to smile with this well specified and all-inclusive waste package. It’s been meticulously designed by local experts to realise genuine efficiencies in a rough and tumble application,” Mr Spaltman said.

“This is an industry we’ve invested deeply in. We’re committed to delivering cost effective, fit for purpose capital equipment that’s highly competitive and meets genuine need.

“We feel we’ve hit the nail on the head with this new FVY Dual Control.”

The FVY 240-300 Auto Dual Control will be officially launched at the 2019 Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo (AWRE), to be held in Sydney in October.

The same cabin features and Dual Control operation found in the FVY can also be specified in a 4×2 FVD 165-300 Auto model (also with Hendrickson airbag rear suspension), or the 6×4 FVZ 260-300 Auto with steel taper leaf rear springs.