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Newtons Sand, Metal, Building and Landscape Supplies are leaders inside and outside the worksite. Their versatility is among their proudest attributes, with the business growing year-on-year to meet every application their customer’s desire.

Newtons Operations Manager Bryce Scoupon said that, while they’re experts at the fine, detailed work, they’ve never been afraid to get their hands dirty.

“We’re a landscape yard, one of the biggest in Adelaide,” he said. “We supply sand, pebbles, landscape supplies and sundries, pumps, tanks and in-ground sub systems.

“We offer total commitment to our customers, hand-delivering cement and shovelling rubble and rocks.

“What separates us from the competition is the combination of sundries we provide: building materials, cements, irrigation supplies and mulches; all at the same time. We’ve even got a side company that offers equipment hire.”

Newtons’ diversity of operation, combined with a stellar work ethic, has allowed them to branch out across South Australia.  Their recent purchase of a brand-new Giga 455 CXY Tipper shows the team has no intention of slowing down.

“The business was established 35-years-ago and the current owners are celebrating their 20th anniversary in December, so 2017’s an important year for us,” Bryce said.

“We employ about 65 staff in two locations, Evanston and Newton, servicing anywhere from Victor Harbour to Murray Bridge, right up to Loxton if we need to.

“We currently, keep 17 Isuzu’s in our fleet, extending from the 4,500 kg GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) models all the way up to the Giga, and we need every one of these, because each truck is modified to suit specific jobs.

We put on hungry-boards for mulch delivery, tilt-sides that work like a tilt-tray but tip like a normal truck, and they all have drop-sides so we can put on pallets.”

Reliability is vital when choosing trucks for a fleet this size, and with the choice of either an Eaton 18-speed transmission or an Isuzu Automated Manual Transmission (AMT), with fully automatic or manual clutchless, (two pedal), operation modes, Newtons knew their Giga would provide quality engineering without sacrificing driveability.

“We’ve had a good run from the Isuzu’s, and we have a good relationship with the guys from North East Isuzu, so we just stick to what’s worked for us in the past,” Bryce said.

“We operate in and out of quarries – a very dirty and dusty environment – then out to construction sites, so we need a durable truck.

“The Giga’s are perfect for commercial work and at the moment they’re working on the Northern Connector.”

Major pieces of infrastructure like the 15 km stretch of expressway known as the Northern Connector require tough, resilient trucks. Luckily the Giga 455 CXY brings to bear a mammoth 24,000 kg Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) with 338 kW of power at 1,800 rpm.

Add 2,255 Nm of torque at 1,300 rpm and you can see why the Giga series is ready to handle some of the biggest jobs this country can throw at them. The Giga also has an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) with manual and fully clutchless (two pedal), operation modes, to ensure a smooth ride.

“The Isuzu’s have plenty of power for every job,” Bryce said. “They’re lighter in the chassis and we get a better payload from them, and being a cab-over truck makes the Isuzu’s a lot better for building sites or tight access areas.

“When we’re driving them in and out of traffic, they drive a lot better than the other trucks. We usually choose the AMT because driving around town, we’re constantly stopping and starting.”

With Isuzu’s focus on driver safety and comfort, the Giga also features an Isri 6860 air-suspension seat, Anti-lock Braking (ABS) and an ECE-R93 compliant front underrun protection device (FUPD).

The Giga keeps on working through your downtime, with a Digital Audio Visual Entertainment (DAVE) system that plays DVD, digital radio, mp3 and has Bluetooth and voice-control connectivity.

Though Newtons’ team has built the company into a giant of the South Australian construction and landscape industries, they’ve been careful to retain its strong social conscience. The Isuzu’s were recently able to join this part of the business too.

“In the October, 2016 floods I drove 12-hour shifts carting supplies for sand-bagging,” Bryce said. “In one week I carted about 700 tonnes of sand. I hadn’t driven a truck for five years and the Isuzu with AMT was absolutely awesome.

“After driving for 12 hours I wasn’t even sore getting out of it, so there were no problems. The seat adjustment was great.

“Our drivers can drive for 10 hour stretches, with breaks, and there’s never a complaint.”

“Because of our size, reputation’s very important to us when buying a truck. Brand reliability is high on our priorities, and the Isuzu’s have never failed us.”