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A driving force behind the development of Isuzu Australia Limited’s (IAL) new F Series medium-duty truck range was the capacity to offer truck customers genuine and uninhibited choice.

To accomplish this, not only has brand-new engine technology been applied to the F Series line-up, but the circle has been closed with the introduction of Isuzu’s new torque converter equipped automated manual transmission (TC-AMT).

The TC-AMT is available for all Isuzu FRR and FSR models equipped with Isuzu’s low displacement, high output new 4HK1 engine.

Isuzu’s TC-AMT sits alongside the Allison LCT 2500 and MD 3000 automatics applied to the 6HK1 engine offering, delivering more two-pedal models across the Isuzu F Series range than ever before.

In terms of transmission choice across the new range and depending on the model, Isuzu customers requiring an automatic transmission now have the choice of the brand new 3rd Generation Isuzu Torque Converter AMT, the Allison 2500 Series automatic or the Allison MD 3000.

For those preferring a manual set-up, there’s a choice between the six-speed Isuzu MZW6 and the highly regarded ZF nine-speed manual transmission, depending on model.

A smarter way

“From now on, we’re offering a smarter way to operate a truck,” IAL Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Simon Humphries said.

“When you consider the refinements we’ve made in terms of transmission options and add those to the long list of other key driveline and fuel-saving improvements across the new F Series range, a compelling case can be made.

“The availability of a torque converter AMT option means customers can experience a more ‘car-like’ drive performance on a day-to-day basis. This has some pertinent advantages for fleet managers or operators in relation to driver availability and usage.

“Not only that, the broader transmission options across the new Isuzu F Series range equate to superior choice and potential applicability to a huge range of end uses, and that’s exactly what we set out to achieve.”

The 2016 F Series TC-AMT

Isuzu’s new torque converter AMT differs from the previous design in that the fluid coupling used in the earlier models has been upsized and upgraded to a full torque converter, similar to that found in full automatic transmissions.

A new element, or ‘stator’, essentially alters oil flow within the converter function itself, and when combined with several other parts, means overall torque is multiplied by a factor of 1.45 to 1.

The boost in torque production provides increased acceleration from a standing start or at lower engine speeds. This performance feature is one that Simon Humphries says Australian transport operators have increasingly come to expect.

“Our previous AMT models provide dual-function flexibility to best suit changing driving conditions, and have proved particularly popular with motorhome manufacturers, rental companies, and metropolitan and urban fleets, who battle the rigours of stop-start traffic on a daily basis,” he said.

“The addition of a torque converter AMT to the new F Series range is a direct result of those, and other Isuzu customers anticipating responsiveness from a standing start.”

Further refinements

The lock-up clutch damper characteristic within the Isuzu TC-AMT has also been refined, (compared to the previous AMT) softening clutch engagement and disengagement, and thereby improving NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) levels of the transmission.

Other enhancements which improve the 3rd Generation Isuzu TC-AMT include heat treatment for the friction plate, separation plate and the hub of the gearshift clutch. This equates to component durability and longevity within the transmission itself – in withstanding the torque increases and the heat generated as a result.

Isuzu F Series auto options

Customers of new F Series models equipped with the simple and reliable Isuzu 6HK1 DOC engine, including FRR, FSR, FSD, FTR and FTS models, have the choice of specifying the trusted Allison 2500 Series six-speed automatic transmission.

Tried and tested, the Allison 2500 Series is renowned for faster acceleration and the ability to get up to, and work within, the best available duty-cycle faster and more efficiently.

Also flying the flag for Allison in the new entry level Isuzu FVD and FVR variants, , is the American manufacturers’ MD 3000 six-speed automatic, specifically suited to vocational applications with high idle time or frequent stop-starting.

All Allison transmissions installed by Isuzu now feature synthetic long-life oil from initial factory fill, for significantly extended service intervals.

Further up the F Series range, the high-power 300PS version of Isuzu’s 6HK1 engine can be optioned with the MD 3000 on 6×2 models or MD 3500 on 6×4 models.

Isuzu F Series manual options

Isuzu’s MZW six-speed, air-assisted manual transmission can also be applied to a large selection of the new 2016 Isuzu F Series line-up, including models ranging from 10.7 to 15 tonnes GVM.

Models in this category include representatives from the FRR, FRD, FSR, FSD and FTR variants.  The FSS and FTS 4×4 models also feature the same Isuzu manual transmission as standard.

The highly respected ZF nine-speed air assisted transmission rounds out the manual options at the heavy end of the 2016 F Series range, applicable to the FVR, FVD, FVM, FVL, FVZ and the 24-tonne GVM FVY model variants.

Broad application coverage

“The 2016 F Series has been purpose designed to appeal to the broadest range of customers and applications across the Australian road transport industry,” Mr Humphries said.

“The transmission choice in the 2016 F Series range clearly illustrates this. We are pleased to offer the broadest range of two-pedal options in the medium-duty market, courtesy of the new 3rd Generation TC-AMT and a wider range of models available fitted with Allison automatic transmissions.

“Our 2016 F Series range offers something for everyone, and the transmissions are a case in point,” he said.


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