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As uncertainty continues to shape the world around us right now, it’s reassuring to know there’s a special group of people at the coal face, providing essential services for our communities every day.

Be it front line health workers, those ready to respond in the emergency services sector, or our trade and construction workers, these men and women are operating around the clock, their work seemingly never done.

Ably supporting them, and a constant behind the scenes, is the equipment they rely on day in and day out.

Be it supplying emergency power to a hospital, moving water to drought-ravaged crops, supplying the power to pump water to help fight bushfires or powering equipment at a remote mine site, the quality and reliability of power solutions in contexts like these is paramount.

Above all, and much like those operating it, this equipment must never stop.

Never Stop

Following a company-wide rebrand in 2019, Isuzu Power Solutions (IPS) is now paying homage to our essential industries with an all-new brand message: Isuzu Power Solutions Never Stop!

Head of IPS, Matt Sakhaie, explained the origin of the freshly developed Never Stop brand tagline.

“Just over year ago, we rebranded the business from Isuzu Engines to Isuzu Power Solutions, to better represent our expanded offering.

“Since then we’ve been working to reposition our messaging and product branding to reflect what it is we do and who we do it for,” Mr Sakhaie said.

“This next phase talks to the very essence of our product line-up, our approach as an organisation and, of course, speaks to the people we deal with every day.

“Many of our customers operate in the essential service space, where lives and livelihoods depend on reliable equipment that simply can’t fail.

“Since the rebrand, we’ve added new product to the range, we’ve expanded our service and solutions provision and we feel the Never Stop tagline is an apt descriptor.”

Onwards and upwards

Establishing a foothold in the irrigation sector a little over ten years ago, the IPS offering has expanded exponentially to now service and supply just about any application requiring power. Think emergency services, mining, irrigation, industrial, machinery re-power, stand-by and prime power, marine propulsion and rental.

The current IPS product range includes the following:

  • Power Units
    • Make-to-Stock
    • Assembled-to-Order
    • Engineered-to-Order
  • Industrial Engines
    • Fan-to-Flywheel
    • OEM Engines
  • Generator Sets
    • Open GenSets
    • Enclosed GenSets
    • G-Drive Units
  • Marine
    • Propulsion

“We’re extremely proud of the product, its heritage and how we’ve enhanced the offering to suit local conditions here in Australia,” Mr Sakhaie said.

“We’ve progressed from supplying a limited but reliable range of off-the-shelf Fan to Flywheel engines, to having the capacity to custom build all manner of power solutions for just about any application imaginable.”