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When it comes to buying a new truck, it’s tempting to look exclusively at the big-ticket items: power, payload, and job-specific componentry coming in at the top of this list.

Finding the golden ratio of practical features can often mean safety is overlooked, particularly in the case of those seeking bang for buck.

Effectively eliminating any difficulties in getting a safe truck and a truck that is fit-for-purpose at a reasonable cost price, Isuzu Trucks offers operators in the light-duty space an N Series line-up spanning 61 cab chassis and 35 Ready-to-Work models—combining Australia’s most popular truck range with a safety suite that has evolved over three decades of market leadership.

Tried and tested

This year, Isuzu has added Isuzu Intelligent Safety with an Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) to all new 4×2 N Series trucks, making the decision to work smart and work safe even easier.

“Our customers can expect to see all the usual safety features, such as driver and passenger airbags, seatbelt pre-tensioners, anti-intrusion and crash-rated cabs in our new N Series product,” commented Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) National Sales Manager, Les Spaltman.

“To this comprehensive suite, we are very excited to introduce our Advanced Driver Assistance System, which brings critical new emergency braking and lane departure warning systems, and traffic distance and light monitoring systems unique to Isuzu Trucks.

“Combined with Isuzu’s unsurpassed breadth of range, businesses should have no trouble finding a truck to meet their needs—while also experiencing the next generation in truck safety.”

Active versus passive safety

With trade and service industries facing a shortage of skilled drivers, and many businesses requiring vehicles suited to multiple car licence drivers (up to the 4,500 kg GVM mark), smarter systems simply equate to safer operations.

“Systems that work with the driver to maintain a safe operating environment are critical for any modern business,” noted IAL’s Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Simon Humphries.

“For those needing a light-duty solution, this is realised in our MY21 N Series with the new ‘active’ ADAS constantly monitoring road conditions, helping the driver prevent and avoid collisions, and the existing ‘passive’ occupant safety features which are there to mitigate damage or risk of injury in the case of any truly unavoidable situations.”

A driver may not notice either active or passive safety systems 95 per cent of the time in a new MY21 N Series truck—which is exactly the point, added Mr Humphries.

“We want the safety suite to support drivers unobtrusively during regular operation but provide an extra set of ‘eyes’ on the road, a foot on the brake, or in the worst-case scenarios, be the barrier between serious injury or even death in the event of an incident.

“With the system encouraging safer, more aware driving, this can only be a boon across the gamut of trades and services who choose to use an Isuzu truck here in Australia.”

Urban focus

Extensive research and testing from Isuzu Motors (Japan) have shown the highest incidence of light-duty truck accidents occur at an average speed of 38 kilometres per hour—making operators in urban high-traffic areas the most likely to be involved in a serious accident with pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists.

This can be tellingly correlated to research recently commissioned by Isuzu Australia, where road transport businesses listed vehicle safety as a primary concern, ahead of issues such as reducing costs or increasing business efficiency.

“Over 50 per cent of Australian operators in road transport record that overall road safety and driver safety are key issues, with this figure increasing to 70 per cent for larger fleets,” said Mr Humphries.

“The desire for improved safety technology is a real and current concern for our customers, and we are responding to this with product that puts driver and road safety first.

“Isuzu’s new active ADAS in N Series 4×2 trucks has been optimised with a 3D Stereo camera, which has superior capabilities for detecting low-height objects and smaller road users such as children and other pedestrians.

“This is particularly beneficial for businesses working in what we know to be the highest-risk of collision environments—urban and metro areas—in applications such as trades, services, freight and last-mile delivery.”

Complete package to hit the road

Mr Spaltman noted that with both active and passive safety systems working simultaneously to keep drivers and other road users safe, Isuzu customers were in good hands in a MY21 N Series truck.

“It’s the best of both old and new worlds with Isuzu and we are incredibly proud to offer our customers what is our safest truck to date.

“If you’re still searching for the complete package of design and technology, then look no further.

“Our new 4×2 N Series trucks with Isuzu Intelligent Safety and ADAS are the best the market has to offer in the light-duty space—and they’re all backed with Isuzu’s promise of reliability.”