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At the core of the cattle industry is the AI industry—that is, the artificial insemination industry. Managed by business owner Naomi Cooney, Cattle Breeding Services, Queensland, is responsible for providing artificial bovine breeding services and ensuring that around 300 farms in south-eastern Queensland have liquid nitrogen for their insemination tanks.

Artificial breeding for cattle involves the use of liquid nitrogen to keep embryos and semen frozen in tanks until ready to use. If a single tank runs out of liquid nitrogen, thousands of dollars of genetic material can be lost.

Farms therefore rely heavily on Naomi to deliver liquid nitrogen regularly and on time. With much at stake, Naomi needs a reliable vehicle to get her where she needs to, when she needs to.

Having started out the job three years ago with a European van, which broke down frequently, Naomi went on the hunt for a more reliable truck. While delivering liquid nitrogen (used to shrink bearings) to mechanics, she found that most of the mechanics she talked to owned Isuzu trucks.

And their advice to her was, “If you want a light truck with power, go for an Isuzu; they don’t miss a beat.”

Naomi took their advice and headed to Madill Isuzu in Gympie, purchasing an Isuzu NPR 45-155 Tradepack SWB, which comes with a genuine Isuzu bullbar—perfect for the country backroads of Queensland.

It didn’t take long to customise the NPR into the perfect truck for the job. Top Dog Toolboxes kitted the truck out with a canopy roof to protect the nitrogen tanks, as well as toolboxes for her needs. Mick Lanham Automotive Upholstery finished the fit out with custom vinyl sides. Besides that, the NPR 45-155 Tradepack provided most of her needs and enabled her to get on the road quickly.

“The Tradepack saved me a lot of time and expense, I didn’t have to add many customisations myself. It comes with a really good toolbox and a handwasher underneath, which would’ve been something I would have had to organise otherwise,” Naomi shared.

Since her purchase in March 2019, Naomi’s given the truck a run for its money, racking up almost 20,000 kilometres—all with no downtime or issues.

And if there were any issues, she’s covered with a five-year extended warranty. This extra, added option ensures that Naomi has access to 24-hour roadside assistance from Extended Isuzu Assist.

But why is this important?

Naomi explained, “I drive four days out of a week, driving around servicing tanks and delivering liquid nitrogen.

“So that Isuzu truck reliability is a huge factor in what I do for a living, because those tanks can’t run out.”

One of the reasons Naomi moved from a van to a truck was the ability to carry extra weight. But with her Isuzu NPR 45-155 Tradepack with a short wheelbase, Naomi also got the added bonus of a strong vehicle small and nimble enough for deliveries to a variety of different places, like shopping centres and farms.

“The NPR’s great to drive in tight, little areas,” Naomi said.

“And because it’s not overly tall and a good length, you can just park in the car park if you need to—in one car park lot! No need to park a block away.

“This truck is brilliant in and out of farms, too. You can just get in among the sheds and dairy to where the tanks are stored.”

For its size the NPR 45-155 Tradepack features an impressive GVM of 4,500 kg and 114 kW of power @ 2,600 rpm. The truck also boasts many inbuilt features, including anti-lock braking system, Isuzu Electronic Stability Control (IESC), and an anti-skid regulator. For comfort, it has a driver suspension seat with double-acting hydraulic shock absorbers for the ultimate car driving feel.

While Naomi has a truck licence, for a company with employees who don’t have a truck licence, the NPR 45-155 is perfect.

“You can drive it on a car licence, and it drives so much like a car.

“Both of my employees don’t have a truck licence, but they can just jump in and start it up,” Naomi said.

Naomi has always been in the cattle industry, originally working on her own farm breeding black Brangus cattle and dabbling in artificial insemination. As a female, the farming industry can be difficult.

Naomi mused, “You’ve just got to work harder, but it only makes you better. That’s my philosophy.”

And continuing her hard work in the industry, Naomi will always be supported by her trusty Isuzu NPR Tradepack.

“The truck’s reliability is good, and I can’t see why I would change from an Isuzu now that we’ve started with one.”