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Isuzu Trucks’ top-selling Ready to Work (RTW) range has found favour with local operators thanks to the smart pairing of key model and application-targeted body combinations, whilst offering adaptability and capability across a diverse array of environments.

Both on-road and off-road operation are catered for in the light truck N Series RTW range, with All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) and 4×4 models suited to councils, field service providers, mining and exploration, agriculture and the ubiquitous emergency services.

From the NLS 45-150 AWD & NPS 75/45-155 4×4 Servicepack to the NLS 45-150 AWD Tipper and Limited Edition Traypack, the AWD and 4×4 RTW line-up can be counted on to provide safe passage for crew and equipment in low-traction and off-road driving conditions.

Limited edition AWD Traypack

The NLS 45-150 AWD Traypack is a limited-edition model, introduced to provide a real-truck option for trades and team-based council, civil or construction work, operating on slippery sites and unsealed roads.

With the flexibility of its passenger car-licence rating, heavy-duty aluminium tray with headboard, rope rails, load restraint points and drop sides, plus reversing camera, this model is tough to beat and delivers practical and dependable performance.

AWD & 4×4 Servicepack & Servicepack X

Available in NPS 4×4 and NLS AWD variants, the Servicepack and Servicepack X models deliver efficient, secure and functional tool and equipment storage – a feature that’s paramount for field service applications.

Providing field service support can mean working in all manner of industries and locations, and access to the equipment to be worked on is the first step in any job.

With availability of AWD or 4×4 drivetrains, and the option of the Servicepack with standard locker body, or Servicepack X with gull-wing access to a central load-area, these models can be set-up for almost any trade or industrial maintenance application.

With central or rear storage areas, accessed via drop-sides, a standard 3,500 kg rated towbar and reversing camera, access to both the equipment and when manoeuvring the truck is simple and efficient.

NLS 45-150 AWD Servicepack and Servicepack X models are rated at 4.5 tonnes GVM and come with Isuzu’s 5-speed manual transmission. The NLS Servicepack is configured in a crew cab configuration meaning you can not only get your equipment to the job but also the operators. The NPS 45/75-155 4×4 Servicepack & Servicepack X models can be specified at 4.5 or 7.5 tonnes GVM and are available with the two-pedal Isuzu AMT with fully automatic or clutchless manual models, or Isuzu 5-speed manual transmission.

NLS AWD Tipper

The RTW NLS 45-150 AWD Tipper is designed to allow operators to quickly behind the wheel of a truck that can transport material efficiently, wherever they need to go.

With the advantage of added traction in slippery or muddy conditions often found in garden and landscaping supplies yards, muddy worksites or other off-road hard to access areas, the NLS AWD Tipper provides sure-footed progress and while carrying a hefty load.

The Shinmaywa 2.1m3 steel-tipping body with auto-release two-way tailgate, non-slip side steps, shovel rack, rope rails on both sides and a 20-second raise/lower time makes smart work of bulk material loads.

The transmission is the Isuzu 5-speed manual with on-demand part-time All-Wheel-Drive.

Packed and backed

Isuzu RTW models are feature-packed and the AWD and 4×4 models come fully-kitted and ready to get to work.

The truck and body for all models and backed by Isuzu’s comprehensive 3-year warranty, so operators know that they can expect the same Isuzu performance and reliability from the body as they can from the truck itself.

With application and environment-engineered truck and body combinations, featuring top-quality componentry from Bridgestone all-terrain tyres on the NLS and NPS, to shock-absorbing suspension and full-floating Banjo type axles, the AWD & 4×4 Isuzu RTW range is designed to deliver the most reliable end-product on the Australian off-road truck market.

Compelling performance

Well-known to the Australian road transport scene and recently appointed as Engineering Support Manager at Isuzu Trucks, is industry expert, Jeff Gibson.

After an extended drive behind the wheel of the NPS 75-155 4×4 AMT Servicepack X, Jeff commented on the effortless progress the truck made over some seriously challenging tracks.

“I was, in a word—impressed,” Jeff said.

“It’s the first time I’d driven the Isuzu AMT off-road and the performance was far beyond my expectations.

“I can certainly say with conviction, with limited slip differential and the superior first gear low-range creep, it was unstoppable on the tracks I drove on.”

The Isuzu AWD and 4×4 Ready-to-Work range is available from the Isuzu Dealer Network.