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Truck driving is a thrilling job that allows those in the industry the chance to pilot the vehicles they love and experience the beauty of Australia on the road. However, as supply chains have increased demand over the past few years, it’s Aussie truck drivers that have shouldered that brutal load.

Gus Worland of the Gotcha4Life Foundation caught up with Isuzu’s Shura Taft to discuss mental fitness on the road, and ways Australian truck drivers can develop their mental fitness and strengthen their social and emotional connections.

The video explores ways to make new connections on the road, and how to kick start vulnerable conversations so drivers aren’t left behind and forgotten by those in their social circles.

While many of us experienced physical isolation over the past few years, it’s clear truck drivers also experience emotional and social isolation due to long hours on the road and the demand of supply chains.

Staying in touch through smart technology doesn’t always replace what is missed with in-person interactions, but it does improve social bonds and reconnect Aussie truck drivers to those they miss most.

To learn more about the how Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) is raising much needed funds through raffling a one-of-a-kind NNR Crew Servicepack, with proceeds going to the Gotcha4Life Foundation, click here.