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Isuzu Trucks Welcomes New N Series In Media Drive Program

To mark the launch of the new N Series truck range, Isuzu Trucks recently held a media drive program in Victoria.

Attended by truck journalists (see appended table) who flew in from all across the country, the all-day event gave an up-close, hands-on introduction to the latest, updated N Series range, which included new models like the NPS 75/45-155 AMT 4×4 (single cab and crew), NPR 75-190 AMT MLWB and NQR 90/80-190 AMT MLWB.

New, customer-focused features such as independent front suspension (IFS), automated manual transmission (AMT) and a new audio-visual system were also showcased.

What went on

The event kickstarted with presentations at the Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) head office in Truganina, Victoria, followed by a drive program that saw the journalists take the new N Series trucks on a pre-planned route to and within Lerderderg State Park (with the NPS AMT 4×4 taking the stage with the drive on bumpy, off-road conditions within the park), and then back to Truganina.

The drive program gave every journalist the opportunity to get behind the wheel to test drive the new trucks over a route that encompassed an on- and off-motorway driving experience, as well as showcased how the trucks held their own in demanding off-road conditions at Lerderderg State Park.

Key IAL executives Managing Director Hiroko Yaguchi, Director and Chief Executive Officer Phil Taylor, Director and Chief Operating Officer Andrew Harbison, and Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Simon Humphries also attended the media program.

Explaining the vision behind hosting their first media drive program since the move to their new head office, IAL Chief Engineer, Product Strategy, Simon Humphries said, “We are thrilled to be able to showcase the evolution of our N Series culminating in the new models.

“The new models are designed to provide a more car-like driving experience with features like independent front suspension (IFS) in the popular NNR, letting our customers know that we’ve been taking their feedback on board.”

IAL’s Director and Chief Operating Officer, Mr Andrew Harbison emphasised the importance of improving their range to meet their customers’ diverse needs.

“As we come close to 30 years of market leadership, we want to continue to offer innovative solutions that address all of our customers’ needs. And the new N series range is a result of that endeavour, one that we are always working towards,” Mr Harbison said.

Stealing the show with NPS AMT 4×4

The new NPS 75/45-155 AMT 4×4 (single cab and crew) was the star of the show, being the first ever two-pedal 4×4 light truck to hit the Australian market.

Since the introduction of the first NPS model in 1992, Isuzu’s light-duty 4×4 trucks have established a solid reputation for easily navigating tough terrain and excelling in tight-access situations. And now, with the custom-engineered NPS AMT 4×4 and its advanced features, the NPS legacy is not only continued, but has also come into a new age of innovation.

Test driving the new N Series—what did the journalists think?

Media reaction to the new N Series models they tested was unanimously positive, with the NPS AMT 4x4s garnering particularly enthusiastic reviews.

Ed Higginson from PowerTorque shared, “The NPS AMT 4×4 gives you a smooth drive that never feels under-powered, and it doesn’t at any point make you feel like you’re going to be stuck or fear that the truck will slip.

“This truck is a really capable tool if you’re going off road, especially if you’re in emergency services like the fire service, or even for applications like landscaping.”

But the list of applications doesn’t end there.

Jon Thomson from Transport & Trucking Australia elaborated, “Seeing as two-thirds of our roads are unsealed, the applications for the NPS AMT 4×4 are endless—off-road tours, farming, mining, the list goes on.”

However, the AMT 4×4 wasn’t the only highlight.

The IFS was applauded by all for the smooth and comfortable drive that it provided, with Mr Thomson lauding it as “a real standout”.

And on the new N Series range, as a whole, Mr Higginson added, “With lots of concerns regarding overloaded utes, I think it’s time a lot of people start seriously looking at using the N Series, especially since you can drive these trucks on a car licence!”

Looking ahead

With the launch of the new N Series models, Isuzu Trucks looks forward to developing more products that will best serve their customers’ needs.

Peter Shields from Prime Mover Magazine shares, “Isuzu Trucks always tries to stay ahead; they’ve never rested on their laurels.”

Mr Thomson also added, “You’ve only got to look at the new N Series range Isuzu Trucks has just rolled out to understand why they’re the market leader.

“They keep improving the product, making it better, and that’s why their customers keep coming back to them.”



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