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Isuzu Trucks To Tackle Recall Head On

Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) has launched a new online customer search tool that enables Isuzu truck owners to determine if their truck is affected by an outstanding recall.

The Recall Information portal is now made available on the Isuzu Trucks website at and is an additional service on top of the usual customer notification process. The online tool allows customers to enter their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for information on any outstanding recalls.

If a customer’s truck is affected, they will be guided on the next steps to resolve the recall within the same online portal.

Getting on the front foot with the process, Isuzu’s new initiative is a quick and easy way to inform customers of any recall and provide a course of action if their vehicle is affected.

This safety initiative comes in the wake of recent compulsory recalls of vehicles fitted with faulty Takata airbags that has affected over 3 million cars in Australia and over 100 million worldwide.

Isuzu Trucks is in no way affected by this recent airbag recall and their Recall Information portal is a measure put in place to assure product and customer safety.

IAL’s National Service Manager, Bill Holland, explained the essentials of putting together this proactive initiative.

“As the top truck brand in the country, our aim is to produce a safe and robust product, but as any vehicle owner knows, product and component recalls can and do happen.

“Isuzu’s online Recall Information tool is designed to ensure safety of our customers and their vehicles, by providing them with appropriate instructions and an action plan to follow in the event of a product recall,” Mr Holland said.

“This is especially valuable for those looking at buying second-hand Isuzu products, allowing customers to easily access recall information attached to particular models.”

The new tool will be further supported with an updated customer notification process early next year.

Mr Holland also stressed the significance of the platform in encouraging transparency between customers and the Isuzu brand.

“This also creates an added channel for us to enhance communications for our customers and, importantly, ensure their safety at all times,” Mr Holland explained.

IAL is also working on new adjustments to the platform to integrate it with their customer notification process.