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You don’t spend over 100 years in your trade without learning a thing or two about good business practice, so it is little wonder utilities giant Zinfra has invested time and again in Isuzu when it comes to their valued transport fleet.

Solely operating more than $9 billion worth of major utility infrastructure, Zinfra owns and controls energy and water transportation assets from Melbourne to Sydney and across the east coast of Australia.

Their 1,500-strong workforce help supply millions of households and businesses with essential gas, water and electricity services every day.

Their electricity footprint covers 11,000 km in the Melbourne area alone, and their Eastern Gas pipeline delivers gas from Victoria’s Gippsland basin to the ACT and rural New South Wales.

Zinfra boasts a substantial Isuzu fleet with 260 in Victoria, 50 in Queensland, 50 in New South Wales, 20 in South Australia, and 20 in Tasmania.

Greg Bubner, Zinfra Group Commercial Fleet Coordinator, has worked in transport for over 40 years and says it’s the economic benefits that keep them coming back to Isuzu over and over again.

“I forecast all fleet replacement programs on an annual basis, and implement procurement approvals and purchases,” he said.

“I work with our clients to specify all vehicles and fittings in detail to ensure we have the right model for the application, then I’ll price up every unit from suppliers and make recommendations on suitable vehicles, and manage the build process for all the trucks.

“We’ve been using Isuzu for over 20 years now, mostly based on costs involved.

“We call open tenders every three years from all Original Equipment Manufacturers, and evaluate all our equipment on a whole-of-life cost basis as well as service and back-up support and Isuzu has been the stand-out each time.”

With 400 Isuzu trucks in their fleet, ranging from the NPR 300 to the FXZ 1500, Greg and his team have every application covered thanks to Isuzu’s varied truck range, their most recent purchase a FTS 800 4X4.

“The new model is used in Zinfra’s Gas Pipelines Unit in Far North Queensland, often in remote areas and always on unmade roads or access tracks. We have a crane built on the body and it’s used to lift pipe installations into position.”

The FTS’s impressive four-wheel drive capacity with centre differential lock makes for a sure-footed drive when tackling those uneven rural tracks.

The builds on the fleet are modified per application and include elevated work platforms, crane borers, crane trucks, tray bodies, and service body units.

Day-to-day activities for the trucks can range from boring work that can take up to six hours of power take-off (PTO) operation to transporting pipes and other equipment along with the crew.

“Big factors for the drivers are reliability, comfort and performance, and the Isuzu’s deliver on all three. We’ve had no complaints. The new models are quiet and comfortable, and very car-like to drive,” Greg said.

“Some of the biggest changes I’ve noticed over the years with Isuzu are the in-cabin access as well as overall ride comfort.”

Travelling up to 30,000 km per year, a chunk of the fleet are applied as mobile service units operating in all weather conditions and terrains nationwide – so reliability on and off the highway is paramount.

“We’re always looking to reduce downtime where we can, so we rely on our fleet management company for day-to-day support, roadside assistance and our warranty follow-up from Isuzu where applicable,” he said.

“Part of my role means I authorise all maintenance and arrange suitable maintenance suppliers.

“All vehicles are serviced to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedules, which is managed by our fleet company with monthly reporting on services.

“We also run replacement or procurement programs every year based on vehicle age and utilisation.

“We have a strong personal relationship with our dealership staff at Paterson Cheney Isuzu, so we know we can call on them if needs be,” Greg said.

“Safety is our number one priority in the business; we have extensive programs in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all our employees.

“We also run safety alert programs, safety recall programs, weekly toolbox meetings, random asset inspections, and compliance measuring for all regulated requirements, it really never stops for us, it’s so important.”

Safety is top of the list for Isuzu too. The FTS 800 4×4 comes standard with a driver and passenger airbag, an ECE-R29 compliant cab, ADR 42 compliant sleeper and the popular ISRI 6860 air suspension seat with integrated seatbelt.

“We stand-out from our competitors because our service is second to none, and we deliver projects on time and on budget, and we expect the same level of service from our equipment and fleet.”

“For us it comes down to how the trucks handle the task, and how the trucks perform on a day-to-day basis is more important.

“The standout feature for us is reliability and service back up, we know we can go back to Isuzu for any help if we ever have an issue.”


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