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The conclusion of 2019 saw Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) achieve 31 consecutive years of Australian truck market leadership, despite a challenging year.

Isuzu Trucks concluded the calendar year with a total of 8,621 trucks sold, with 22.7 per cent share of the truck market (according to T-Mark). The outcome was made possible through the hard work of the dedicated national Isuzu Trucks dealer network.

During the brand’s recent annual National Dealer Meeting held in Sydney, IAL management thanked its expansive dealership network for their efforts throughout the year, whilst announcing the winners of the annual National Dealer of the Year awards.

And the winner is…

The 2019 Isuzu Trucks National Dealer of the Year award went to South West Isuzu in Bunbury (Picton), Western Australia.

Three other award categories were announced during the event, including Sales, Service and Parts awards for top performance in 2019.

The National Dealer of the Year award is not only recognition of South West Isuzu’s phenomenal sales efforts in 2019, but also of the dealership’s quality customer support and service record.

Pictured left to right: South West Isuzu Dealer Principal, Darren Sprigg; and IAL Managing Director and CEO, Hiroko Yaguchi

IAL Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Hiroko Yaguchi, said, “Dealer Principal Darren Sprigg and the South West Isuzu team exemplify what it means to be an Isuzu Trucks dealer.

“South West Isuzu’s win as the National Dealer of the Year is testament to not only their dedication to all aspects of the business, but also their attention to detail and level of aftersales focus.”

Ms Yaguchi also noted the healthy competition amongst dealers in the vast Isuzu Trucks national dealer network.

“We have the very best people in the business, all around this country, and we recognise their collective commitment and efforts last year,” she said.

In other award news, Isuzu Trucks Sales Dealer of the Year went to Major Motors, and the Parts Dealer of the Year award had joint winners in both Canberra Isuzu and Peel Valley Isuzu.

The 2019 Sales Dealer of the Year went to Major Motors. Pictured from left to right: Frank Johnston (Major Motors); Bob Pearce (Major Motors); IAL National Sales Manager Les Spaltman.

The 2019 Parts Dealer of the Year was won by both Canberra Isuzu and Peel Valley Isuzu. Pictured from left to right: Matt Coombes (Peel Valley Isuzu); IAL National Parts Manager John Plunkett; and John Gildea (Canberra Isuzu).

Peel Valley Isuzu’s Parts Dealer of the Year win marks the dealership’s second win in this category in consecutive years.

Last but not least, Service Dealer of the Year went to South West Isuzu, the cherry on top of their overall win.

Pictured from left to right: IAL National Service Manager Brett Stewart; and South West Isuzu Dealer Principal Darren Sprigg

People power

After the award ceremony, South West Isuzu’s Dealer Principal, Darren Sprigg, said he was eager to congratulate staff at the dealership.

“The first emotion I had was pride. Pride for the staff more than anything else. I just couldn’t wait to get back to the dealership to tell everybody and be with them.

“We’ve made some in-roads in the last four to five years to take the dealership to the next level in a challenging market.”

Mr Sprigg attributed the dealership’s strong relationships with customers and the support of their IAL Zone Managers as key contributing factors to South West Isuzu’s blossoming success.

“We’re lucky to have a really stable zone group at the moment in Western Australia—sales, service, business and technical—and that shouldn’t be underestimated.

“It’s very much a partnership [with IAL] and we all want the same thing for our customers.

“We’re always working on ways to try and make customers feel part of the dealership, we have some very loyal, long-term customers…without them we wouldn’t have got the award.”

Fighting fit

IAL Director and Chief Operating Officer, Andrew Harbison, congratulated all the winners, noting the healthy competition within the network.

“A huge congratulations to Darren and the team at South West Isuzu, as well as to the teams at Major Motors, Canberra Isuzu and Peel Valley Isuzu,” he said.

“Our annual dealer awards continue to highlight the healthy competitive nature of the Isuzu Trucks dealer network, and all of us at IAL take great pride in their achievements.”

IAL Director and Chief of Corporate Services, Paul Evans, echoed Mr Harbison’s sentiments.

“Being the leader of the Australian truck market simply isn’t possible without the commitment of our dealers and their teams,” Mr Evans said.

“Our dealers are at the forefront of our business. They’re the touchpoint between customers and the Isuzu brand, and we note their consistent efforts in helping the brand grow from strength to strength, year-on-year.”

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